Advancing Biofield Science

First, What is “Biofield Science”?

Biofield Science explores the view that molecules, cells, and organs of living systems communicate via fields of energy and information that serve as additional means of self-regulation to maintain health. The biofield hypothesis suggests that biofield activity is a normal ongoing health-promoting function of the body, and that intentional alteration of the biofield can regulate health processes via pathways that mediate aspects of our physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. Some biofields, such as in the form of EEG and ECG patterns, are readily measurable and are in common use as diagnostic indicators. Other aspects of ‘biofields’ appear more difficult to measure, but could be modulated by biofield therapists (such as Reiki and Healing Touch practitioners) to affect health.

The Need to Advance Biofield Science

Although biofield concepts are foundational for many systems of healing (particularly Asian medical traditions such as Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda), the biofield perspective is still widely viewed as incompatible with the Allopathic Western medical model. For this reason, even as evidence continues to build that biofield-based approaches can have a positive impact on health, research that directly assesses or examines biofield effects is often viewed as “high-risk” by funding agencies and is prone to negative bias by reviewers of both grant proposals and manuscripts submitted for publication.

Despite these barriers, biofield scientists across the globe continue to conduct high-quality small-scale studies that show strong promise for impacting health and healing. In order for this area to move forward and achieve maximal impact, a clear collaborative strategy for rigorous science is needed. The scientists conducting the work are geographically distributed, and have few opportunities at existing meetings to convene and formulate a collaborative strategic plan for research.

Biofield Science and Healing Meeting September 2014

As an important step to fill this need for transdisciplinary dialogue and research in biofield science, several organizations (including Miraglo Foundation, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Chopra Foundation, and Samueli Institute), and individual donors sponsored an invitation-only meeting on Biofield Science and Healing.

hard at workThis meeting, held at the Pacific Pearl Center in La Jolla, California in September 2014, brought together scientists from the domains of physics, biophysics, medicine, clinical psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, sociology, biochemistry, and engineering, as well as biofield healing practitioners and key stakeholders in the area of biofield science. The meeting was highly successful in terms of mapping the current state of the science and considering next steps to fulfill the common mission of building a transdisciplinary approach to research in biofield science.

Many of the lectures from the event are available in the CHI Resource Library.

Next Steps

In January 2015, the first CHI Scientific Advisory Council Meeting, sponsored by and held at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), was held. At this meeting, the Scientific Advisors reviewed outcomes from the September 2014 meeting and created a 5-year “Reverse Visioning” roadmap of biofield science research and planned white papers for publication. This “roadmap” will form the basis for RFPs, once funds have been raised to support interdisciplinary research in consciousness and healing.

Biofield Science and Healing Publication

From these meetings and the concentrated effort of CHI scientists, this rich tapestry of knowledge and perspectives on Biofield Science and Healing has been published in a peer-reviewed Special Issue on Biofield Science and Healing in Global Advances in Health and Medicine Journal (GAHMJ). These articles include the perspectives of top researchers in philosophy, physics, preclinical studies, physiology, clinical studies, device studies, distant intentionality studies, practitioner perspectives, and sociological perspectives. The collective intention behind this special issue is to help pave the way for interdisciplinary collaborations and accelerate the integration of biofield research into the mainstream of scientific inquiry.

The Healing (R)evolution – from Science to Social Impact in 2016

The Healing (R)evolution Summit, produced with our partners, AIHM, UC San Diego, and Scripps is an example of how CHI facilitates the acceleration of the science and real-world implementation of consciousness and healing. The one-day event, a gathering of bright lights, created a beacon and the positive response has been thrilling.

Upcoming Events

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