"Ask Me Anything" (AMA) Series

October 2020

Pamela Miles

“Ask Me Anything”

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16th, 2020; 11AM – 12PM PT (2PM – 3PM ET)

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Pamela Miles

Our guest, leading Reiki master, researcher, contemplative practitioner and world’s foremost Medical Reiki expert Pamela Miles is an international Reiki master practicing since 1986, and author of the award-winning book REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide.

For 20+ years, Pamela has pioneered Reiki practice at academic medical centers such as Harvard, Yale, the NIH, NY Presbyterian-Columbia University, Beth Israel Medical Center, and St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center.

You can learn more about Pamela and her work at PamelaMiles.com and Reiki Medicine & Self Care, or signup for her “21 Days of Happiness” emails.


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