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CHI Plenary Session: Healing With The Biofield (Recorded)

Shamini Jain, Ph.D.
Rosalyn L. Bruyere, D.D.
Richard Hammerschlag, Ph.D.

Healer perspective: Internationally acclaimed healer Rosalyn L. Bruyere will describe her experience- and evidence-based belief that healing and health should be a cooperative effort between patient, physician, and healer.

Clinical research perspective: Dr. Shamini Jain will highlight the clinical trial evidence for biofield therapies, such as Healing Touch, Reiki, and Qigong, in light of their increased use, particularly by palliative care, chronic pain, and cancer patients.

Biofield physiology perspective: Richard Hammerschlag will review the emerging evidence that living systems generate and respond to a diverse medley of information-exchanging biofields that act in concert with molecular systems to regulate physiology.

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Dynamic Infographic On Biofield Therapies

This dynamic infographic allows you to interact with the data from a recent systematic review of human randomized controlled trials reporting use of only nonphysical contact treatment.

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