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Photo 1: Eileen McCusick demonstrates biofield tuning session.

CHI has partnered with Biofield Tuning Institute (BTI) and is actively fundraising for ethics-board approved research to study Eileen McKusick’s method, which will determine whether biofield practitioners can accurately and reliably sense similar information in the energy field surrounding the body.

The pilot study conducted at the Pacific Pearl La Jolla earlier this year was successful and now we have received an IRB approval. We are aiming to conduct the full clinical study in December 2018 in San Diego, CA.

Full Study Description

CHI has designed a study to test whether multiple Biofield Tuning practitioners are able to identify the same areas of turbulence within each of a series of volunteers. Once completed, the results will be submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Biofield Tuning challenges the widely held scientific view that consciousness exists because of and within the brain. Rather, Biofield Tuning is based on a vibrational medicine view of health1 that enables Biofield Tuning practitioners to identify and work with both what we call mind and memory through an interaction with a person’s biological field, or biofield. The biofield is described as a complex organizing information/energy field engaged in the generation, maintenance, and regulation of a wide variety of biological functions2.

This study has the potential to support and scientifically validate the clinical experience of Biofield Tuning practitioners who detect health-related information stored in the human biofield outside the body surface. Such a result would be groundbreaking, and provide a cornerstone for building an evidence base for this healing modality.

Photo 2: Eileen McCusick in discussion with CHI researchers

Positive results from this study would also enhance the acceptance of Biofield Tuning as a useful, low-cost healthcare option, and foster the development of therapeutic devices for assessment of the biofield as an index of health and wellness3,4. Positive results would also provide strong motivation for further scientific study of many holistic therapies that purport to work via the biofield. 


Discussion on the Human Energy Field

What is the Human Energy Field, how does it relate to emotions, and how do we research it? Researchers heading the study, Drs. Richard Hammerschlag, PhD (CHI Research Co-Director) and Shamini Jain, PhD (CHI Founder) discuss with Founder of Biofield Tuning Institute, Eileen Day McKusick.

Researching the Human Energy Field

What is the Human Energy Field, how does it relate to emotions, and how do we research it? Discussions with healer Eileen Day McKusick- Biofield Tuning, CHI Research Director Dr. Richard Hammerschlag, and Dr. Shamini Jain. #biofield #healing

Posted by Consciousness and Healing Initiative – CHI on Tuesday, 14 March 2017


How to Get Involved

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