Are you ready to release what no longer serves you and bring in the energy you need for a healthy, fulfilling life?
In this program, sponsored by the Consciousness and Healing Initiative, renowned integrative medicine scientists and spiritual practitioners Shamini Jain and Paul Mills, along with luminary healers Eileen McKusick, Tiffany Barsotti, and Eva Patel, offer an unforgettable experience of transformation and healing.
In this program, you’ll learn:
  • The science of consciousness and well-being, which point to ourselves as the true agents of our healing
  • How to better sense energy (even if you haven’t sensed it before) and raise your voltage
  • How to transform through the archetypes of survival to the archetypes of grace
  • Transformative meditations and exercises that boost your vitality, strengthen your sense of spiritual connection, and better align you with your soul purpose.
No previous experience is required; come ready to embrace change, and leave with a positive, full heart.


What You’ll Experience:

  • Energetic meditations for spiritual connection
  • Release of energetic patterns that no longer serve you
  • Science-based self-care practices
  • Dr. Shamini Jain, Ph.D.
  • Eileen Day McKusick, MA; Author, Tuning the Human Biofield
  • Rev. Tiffany Barsotti, MTh, CHt, CCT, MCPLT
  • Paul Mills, PhD
  • Eva Patel; Author, Soul Rx


DATE: October 8 – 12, 2018

LOCATION: Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Stockbridge, MA

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