What is the Purpose of Full Moon Rituals?

The Full Moon is a great time to release what doesn’t serve you and society so that you can bring in and embody what does serve.

I have learned about the full moon prayer ritual from my teacher Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere.

When Can You Do Full Moon Rituals?

It’s said you have the 4 days around the waning of the full moon to offer your prayer of release.

How To Do a Full Moon Ritual?

Here is a prayer offering for the full moon, please adapt as you wish. (It does not need to be said out loud.)

Spirit gave me this particular practice and these words during a similar full moon two years ago. It seems very appropriate for today’s times.

full moon

The Full Moon Prayer

(With my hands outstretched and with a full heart), I bow to the moon, the earth, the sky, and the stars.

(With my left hand drawing from the energy of the earth and my right hand to the sky and the moon), I allow my Self to be a vessel for release and renewal.

I release all that does not serve me.

(Consider any anger, anguish, worry, sorrow, envy, pain, and/or other emotions and beliefs that you need to let go of. Breathe, and release. Take your time and Move as you are guided to, to release during this process.)

I release all archaic patterning that suppresses or degrades the divine feminine in all her manifestations, within my self,
within all society, and on the planet. I refuse to conduct, consent, or condone thoughts, words or deeds that degrade the feminine.

(Hands raises to the moon as you allow for your own release – bring mother energy through the earth as you do this)

As I release the hurt, ignorance, and the greed that feeds such suppression, I call forth the unlimited creative force that is the divine feminine in all forms of life.

May the divine feminine and masculine engage in their eternal dance to bring forth mutual harmony and respect, and peaceful, joyous coexistence for all beings and this living, breathing Earth.

And so it is.