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April 1-8, 2018
Tucson, Arizona:   Loews Ventana Canyon

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Experience the Evolution of Healing & Consciousness
Dates: June 5-10, 2017
Location: San Diego, CA (Hyatt Regency La Jolla)
Organizer: Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona
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  • Interdisciplinary conference emphasizing broad and rigorous approaches to all aspects of the study and understanding of conscious awareness
  • Topical areas include neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, biology, quantum physics, meditation and altered states, machine consciousness, culture and experiential phenomenology
  • World’s largest and longest-running conference of its kind


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CHI Workshop: Redefining Well-Being: Consciousness, Healing, and the Evolution of Medicine

Workshop Faculty

Shamini Jain, Ph.D.
Rauni Prittinen King, R.N., M.I.H., C.H.T.P.I.
Cassandra Vieten, Ph.D.
Lauren Evanow

Monday, June 5, 2017 (2-6 pm)
Hyatt Regency La Jolla Room: Mykonos A

Faculty will share the evidence and practice surrounding the role of consciousness in the healing process, and how expanding our understandings of the role of consciousness in healing is creating paradigm shifts in areas within science, medicine, and technology. Participants will explore the trajectory of this paradigm shift via discussion of scientific evidence from disciplines including psychoneuroimmunology, placebo, and bioelectromagnetics, as well as from the broader discipline of biofield science. Practical and experiential consciousness-based learning will also be shared through meditative and biofield sensing and balancing exercises. The audience will be invited to share their experiences and perspectives on how exploring consciousness both intellectually and experientially may lead to improved wellness on personal as well as planetary levels.

This is a pre-conference workshop. You can join on-site at no additional cost. For questions, please contact


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Meet the Workshop Faculty

Shamini Jain, Ph.D.

Shamini Jain, Ph.D.

CHI Founding Director

Lauren Evanow

Lauren Evanow

CHI Founding Advisor

Cassandra Vieten, Ph.D.

Cassandra Vieten, Ph.D.

IONS President

Rauni Prittinen King, R.N., M.I.H., C.H.T.P.I.

Rauni Prittinen King, R.N., M.I.H., C.H.T.P.I.

Miraglo President

Biofield Science Special Issue

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Dynamic Infographic On Biofield Therapies

This dynamic infographic allows you to interact with the data from a recent systematic review of human randomized controlled trials reporting use of only nonphysical contact treatment.

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