"Ask Me Anything" (AMA) Series

November 2020

“Ask Me Anything”

Daniel Vicario, M.D.

Integrative Cancer Care

FRIDAY, November 20th, 2020; 11AM – 12PM PT (2PM – 3PM ET)

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Daniel Vicario, M.D. 

CHI Board of Directors Member, Daniel Vicario, M.D., is a medical oncologist and integrative oncologist. He was co-founder and medical director of the San Diego Cancer Center for over 15 years and the former medical director at the U.C. San Diego Cancer Center.

While employing the diagnostic tools and treatments often found in Western Medicine, Dr. Vicario has pioneered integrating complementary healing modalities to help put his patients in the best possible space to receive treatment and meet the challenges treatment brings. Join us to ask questions and gain insights to help improve your client’s ability to heal or your own healing journey.

CHI colleague, Dr. Mimi Guarneri, interviews Dr. Daniel Vicario on his integrative approach to cancer care.

In this conversation with Paul J. Mills of UC San Diego, Dr. Vicario gives examples of treatments that have led to a decrease in symptoms, fewer doctor visits and a higher quality of life for those who are responsive to holistic cancer care.

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