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Our survey of biofield devices identified over 280 biofield-based technologies currently in the marketplace for diagnostic (measuring biofield activity) and therapeutic (modifying biofield activity) uses. The database  includes: company and type of biofield tech, FDA/CE clearance information, manufacturers’ descriptions and contact information, whether peer-reviewed evidence exists to support manufacturers’ claims. Biofield devices for pain are listed, and include pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF), bioresonance and light therapies, and a large body of transdermal electrical stimulation (TENS), frequency specific microcurrent (FSM) and low-level laser therapy (LLLT). US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearances have been obtained for PEMF, TENS and FSM devices, which have helped them to enter mainstream medical practice.

Many entries into the database are less well-understood, and appear to operate through nonlocality and subtle energy processes. Prominent examples are devices operating through human consciousness and intentionality. Subtle energy devices purported to heal or produce wellness include:

  • Bioresonance devices
  • Nonlocal frequency transmitters 
  • Sacred geometry and crystal therapies 
  • EMF smog protection devices
  • Orgone energy treatment devices
  • Energy balancing devices
  • ‘Torsion’ fields and ‘scalar wave’ technologies 

“Information in this database is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other healthcare professional. You should not use the information on this web site for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. You should always speak with your physician or other healthcare professional before using any devices. CHI does not endorse or recommend the use of any of the devices in this database, the majority of which have not been assessed for safety or effectiveness. The database serves only to show a representative view of devices on the market, note the claims made by manufacturers, and whether or not scientific studies have been conducted.”

A-E Biofield Technology & Devices

Device Name: Aamoraa EMF Balancer Pendant

Description:  EMF protection

Manufacturers Claims: Help balance the body from the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) in the environment wherever you go.

Device Name: Acmos ACMODERMIL

Description:  Lecher antenna aura measuring

Manufacturers Claims: The ACMODERMIL is a Detector & Electronic Acupuncture Point Stimulator. It can stimulate energy at all the levels of the organism.

Device Name: Acmos ACMOS7 Biofeedback

Description:  Gas Discharge Visualization

Manufacturers Claims: The Acmos Lecher Antenna enables the Bio-Energetician to communicate through resonance with the ‘Energetic Body’ which is a highly sensitive transmitter and receiver of vibrations. It enables users to measure energy fields, the energetic quality of medication, foods, supplements, jewellery, buildings, areas …

It can check the compatibility of remedies/ supplements/ phones/ computers with the person and also personalise, the dosage of supplements and remedies.

Device Name: Acmos Lecher Antenna

Description:  Gas Discharge Visualization

Manufacturers Claims: The Acmos Lecher Antenna enables the Bio-Energetician to communicate through resonance with the ‘Energetic Body’ which is a highly sensitive transmitter and receiver of vibrations. It enables users to measure energy fields, the energetic quality of medication, foods, supplements, jewellery, buildings, areas… It can check the compatibility of remedies/ supplements/ phones/ computers with the person and also personalise, the dosage of supplements and remedies.

Device Name: ActiPatch

Description: over-the-counter PEMF

Manufacturers Claims: 27.12 MHz therapy

Device Name: AcuGraph 3

Description:  electro-acupuncture diagnostic

Manufacturers Claims: AcuGraph measures electrical skin resistance, using a tiny voltage your patient can’t even feel. The measurements are captured, digitized, and interpreted by our advanced, patented software algorithms to provide unparalleled accuracy and insight.

Device Name: Acuscope/Equiscope

Description:  microcurrent therapy

Manufacturers Claims: This research found that cells have between 30 Ð 40 different ion channels that accept outside electrons and each channel only accepts certain frequencies. They also proved that after the cells are stimulated with current in the pico Amp range, they end up having a higher capacitance over time and were healthier.

Device Name: Acuscope-Myopulse

Description:  feedback-modulated transdermal electrical stimulation

Manufacturers Claims: There are two parts to the system. The first is Acuscope and the second is the Myopulse. The Myopulse, companion instrument to the Acuscope, gently stimulates connective tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia) delivering electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) in feedback-modulated micro-current sinusoidal (sloping) waveform patterns identical to that produced by contractile tissue. Reducing spasm and inflammation, restoring range of motion, and strengthening tissue damaged by traumatic injury, even in acute and chronic cases, the Myopulse can potentially produce improvement.

Device Name: Acuvision-04

Description:  acupoint locator

Manufacturers Claims: The device ÒAcuVisionÓ represents the high-voltage pulse generator with the microprocessor management, intended for visualization of points with the least electric resistance by means of their luminescence in high voltage corona discharge. AcuVision Ð a unique invention, which ultimately made it possible to visualize acupuncture points and meridians in living systems, as well as enhance and balance energy flow in them.


Device Name: Alpha-Stim

Description:  cranial electrostimulation

Manufacturers Claims: How Alpha-Stim Works Amplifies some neurological system activity and deactivates others in a fine-tuning process called neuromodulation. Neuromodulation either results from, or occurs with, alpha states in the brain that are measurable on an EEG. The Alpha-Stim pain relief and depression treatment device can produce beneficial effects after a single treatment. Evidence for this abounds in fMRI, LORETA, and EEG mechanistic studies and clinical double-blind, randomly-controlled medical, psychological, and dentistry studies.

Device Name: Ambra Elektron

Description:  PEMF + electrical contact

Manufacturers Claims: The use of equipment capable of emitting low intensity pulsed electromagnetic fields represents a new therapeutic option, sometimes alternative, sometimes complementary not only in the field of Algology, Sports and Functional Recovery but also in the treatment of neuropsychic disorders, and some scientific publications in indexed journals seem to emphasize their effectiveness. Particularly susceptible to clinical response to pulsed low-intensity electromagnetic fields appear to be Panic Disorder, Social Phobia, Bipolar Disorder, Body Dysmorphism Disorder. Furthermore, particularly encouraging results have been obtained on some clinical aspects related to cognitive impairment syndromes and Alzheimer’s disease.

Device Name: Apparatus for Meridian Identification (AMI)

Description:  meridian identification

Manufacturers Claims: Motoyama device based on Single Pulse Voltage Method

Device Name: Aqua Chi

Description:  water treatment

Manufacturers Claims: Ionic Water Therapy Instrument

Device Name: Asyra Mark Conrad

Description:  bioenergetic health screening

Manufacturers Claims: The Asyra Pro runs a response test on the meridian points connected to the major organ systems which is called the baseline, and a comprehensive assessment from a database of tens of thousands of items to see what will help restore balance.

Device Name: Atlantean Cross

Description:  psychic protection

Manufacturers Claims: Strengthen your personal energy field and ward off psychic intrusions

Device Name: Atlantean Ring

Description:  psychic protection

Manufacturers Claims: “The Atlantean Ring is a resonator of subtle cosmic energies. It is said to protect the wearer from accidents, misfortune and from harm in general. The design contains the equilateral triangle, the rectangle, the square and the Golden Mean. These symbols encompass meanings for movement, light, the flame of life, the “Trinity”, the past, present and future, order and unity, the Sirius connection and much more.”

Device Name: Atlantis Medallion

Description:  psychic protection

Manufacturers Claims: is a powerful field coherent technology as well as a thought-interactive radionic device, continually upgraded with frequency protection. It restores balance and coherence (orderliness) to the bodyÕs physiology and energetic field. This then allows the innate creative intelligence of our body and consciousness to be wholly activated and expressed, providing nourishment, rejuvenation and regeneration for a wide variety of issues. It strengthens the body’s physiology and energy field, while providing powerful protection fromelectro-magnetic pollution, geopathic stress, ELF broadcasting, HAARP,biological warfare, etc.

Device Name: ATP NeuroEndocrine Balancer

Description:  light therapy

Manufacturers Claims: Light Regenerative & Rejuvenative Light Technolog


Device Name: Aura Camera Eric Thompson

Description:  aura camera

Manufacturers Claims: Uses a hand sensor to measure physiological parameters. The hand sensor is also sensitive to deviations in temperature, humidity, and static electricity in the environment and the person, allowing for greater precision in data gathering. These data parameters are then projected as a radiant, colored aura field around the body on either an instant film photo or onto a computer monitor. In rapid time thereafter, a brilliant color photo or computer print out can be presented to the user to help them understand their own personal aura color interpretation.

Device Name: Aura colorspace visualizer algorithm

Description:  biofield imaging

Manufacturers Claims: Aura capturing algorithm amalgamated with the meticulous visualizing ambience that allows for visualization of light photon interfaces between the human bio-field and the light source. The algorithm works to compare the reflected rays with incident rays and the recodes them to produce an aura image.

Device Name: AuraMeter (Valerie Hunt)

Description:  Gas Discharge Visualization

Manufacturers Claims: The AuraMeter not only maps the patterns of energy that precede and cause physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual dis-ease, but it also can prescribe the correct healing approach, and even validate the actual healer who stands to be the most effective in working with a particular individual.

Device Name: Aurora Dreamband / iWinks

Description:  EEG sleep tracker

Manufacturers Claims: The first brain sensing headband for better sleep and dream clarity.measures ‘EEG’ eye and body movement

Device Name: BASBA Foot Revita

Description:  EMF foot bath

Manufacturers Claims: This device looks a little like a foot spa however it has a very different function. This device uses water as a medium to release alternating positive and negative electrons together with electromagnetic wave to our body. This immediately creates an electronic magnetic field. By a non invasive means, the electromagnetic waves can rebalance and recondition vibration frequencies of biological molecules to modify cellular activities and eliminate toxic waste. In other words it can repair and rejuvenate damaged cells to their healthy state. In other words it can repair and rejuvenate damaged cells to their healthy state.

Device Name: Bemer

Description:  PEMF, optional light

Manufacturers Claims: The improvement of microcirculation, i.e. blood flow to the smallest blood vessels, benefits your health, your immune system and your overall sense of well-being in a variety of ways. Based on years of experience, BEMER has continued developing Physical Vascular Therapy Ð making some ground-breaking findings on the biorhythm of local and higher level regulatory processes. An effective stimulation of microcirculation supports the body’s most important control mechanisms for healing, recovery and regeneration processes, and can also be used for numerous treatments and indications.

Device Name: BERT SKY-303Y

Description:  bioresonance

Manufacturers Claims: Bioelectricity resonance technology (BERT) is designed to correct abnormal bioelectric signals and apply the corrected signals to patients. Imbalance in muscular bioelectricity results in symptoms like muscle strain, stiff neck, lower back pain and similar afflictions. A frequency of 25, 50 or 100 Hz is chosen and a current of between 3 and 25 mA is applied using electronic pads on opposite sides of the diseased area. The device can reportedly be used for all diseases relating to the nervous system, muscular system, glandular system and immune system.

Device Name: Betar Sound Therapy

Description:  vibroacoustic sound therapy

Manufacturers Claims: ETAR focused vibroacoustic sound therapy systems combine the relaxation power of total-body sonic energy massage, soothing low-frequency sound and magnetic waves, and the healing power of your favorite music to deliver the ultimate in stress reduction, pain release and personal balance.

Device Name: BiCom

Description:  bioresonance

Manufacturers Claims: The Bicom bioresonance is just like homeopathy, acupuncture and other methods of complementary therapy directions in the form of regulatory medicine. Within the special therapy, Bicom bioresonance therapy is recognized as a proven therapy method. In conventional medicine, however Bicom bioresonance has not been subject to scientific research and is not yet recognized.

Device Name: BioBeats

Description:  music triggered by EEG and HRV

Manufacturers Claims: BioBeats started as a digital product/app that created music from EEG/ ECG, now moving to digital functionality and mobile technology for the wellbeing sector

Device Name: BioElectric Shield

Description:  EMF protection

Manufacturers Claims: invented in 1990 by Charles W. Brown, D.C., Chiropractic Neurologist for reducing the amount of Electromagnetic Radiation around a person

Device Name: Biofield Encoder

Description:  biofield analysis

Manufacturers Claims: BioField Encoder “captures” information being emitted from an organism (its biofield); amplifies, refines and encodes that information; and stores the encoded information in water. The encoded information can then be directed back to the organism (through acupoints/meridians as well as general body areas); creating a cascade of resonant events; stimulating the body’s systems to autocorrect and balance.

Device Name: Biofield Meter Buryl Payne

Description:  biofield imaging

Manufacturers Claims: The Biofield Meter consists of a square frame, made of 0.25 inch diameter wood dowels, 16 in. on each side. Six ring magnets are centered on each dowel and 16 in. long strings are attached in the center of the six magnets on eachdowel. The strings angle to a center where a set of two mirrors of 1.5 inch diameter are glued back to back. A hook and additional string is used to hang the apparatus over the subject’s head at eye level. The device looks roughly like a pyramid frame. In practice, the Biofield Meter rotates a few degrees after being placed over a subject. Given an initial impulse, and because it is a string suspension, the torque on the string, or winding force, limits continuous rotational movement. It winds up and unwinds, in other words, oscillating back and forth for a few minutes. The number of degrees of initial rotation was used as a measure of spin force around the body.


Device Name: Biofield Viewer (Streeter)

Description:  biofield imaging

Manufacturers Claims: Biofield Viewer is a digital imaging system that reveals light interference patterns between a controlled lighting environment and the human biofield, reveal a great amount of important detail.

Device Name: Biofield Viewer (Thornton Streeter)

Description:  biofield imaging

Manufacturers Claims: Biofield Viewer is a non linear imaging system which reveals the interference patterns between the human biofield and our standardised lighting system. The chakras and meridians are now visible live for professional holistic practitioners to monitor the effect of their chosen protocol. Now too the healee can see exactly what is occurring during the session and this enhances the healing experience.

Device Name: Biofourmis

Description:  AI diagnostics from electrophysiology

Manufacturers Claims: Biovitals is a powerful patented AI-based platform for therapeutic decision support. It continuously analyzes data from medical grade wearable sensors and other patient generated data to create unique digital biomarkers reflecting the health status of an individual. These digital biomarkers have been assessed in several real-world studies and have demonstrated the ability to help detect changes in an individual’s health status, much earlier than possible before. Thanks to the strength of the Biovitals platform, Biofourmis is now partnering with leading healthcare providers, payers and pharmaceutical companies around the world to help reduce readmissions, limit ER visits, improve patient outcomes and rethink the way care is managed and reimbursed.

Device Name: BioGenesis

Description:  sacred geometry crystal therapy

Manufacturers Claims: The Proper Sequence Code is the Individual Blueprint of Eternal Light. It is the memory of Eternal Light. We may also look at the Proper Sequence Code as the code of perfect functioning for the bodyÑthe Emergence of Health on the Level of every Cell Within the Body.

Device Name: Biogeometry Ibrahim Karim

Description:  sacred geometry for EMF protection / energy harmonization

Manufacturers Claims: BioGeometry® is the patented science of using the energy principles of shape to qualitatively balance biological energy systems and harmonize their interactions with the environment. Balancing the activities of daily life, achieving harmony with our inner and outer environments, humanizing modern technology, and integrating science and spirituality is the work of the science of BioGeometry.

Device Name: Bio-Luminator

Description:  subtle energy viewer

Manufacturers Claims: Through using his intuition to research outside of the box, Jack has discovered ways to prove there are unseen energies and other dimensions that do, indeed, affect us daily. He has been able to photograph spirits and energies from beyond the veil using his ÒBio-luminatorÓ machine. With this he is able to alter the energy of the room, thereby creating an opening, or bleed-through from another dimension, that allows him to photograph otherwise unseen energies.

Device Name: Biomat

Description:  infrared therapy

Manufacturers Claims: infrared mattress

Device Name: BioMirror Plus

Description:  radionics therapy

Manufacturers Claims: Powerful, noticeable Remote Broadcasting utilizing biological samples for remote holographic treatments at a distance OR direct broadcasting using Radionic Rates. BioMirror Plus has voice Potentization and a beautiful hardwood case. Both units can be used as Satellite Module for the Photon Sound Beam or independently. BioMirror Plus combines the control features of 3 contemporary instruments all into one instrument, and has been independently rated the top radionic instrument in the world.

Device Name: Biomobie/Bioboostie

Description: over-the-counter PEMF

Manufacturers Claims: capability and capacity for real-time and dynamic regeneration of injured vessel and nerve, viral suppression and disease treatment. This system integrates one control terminal, two supporting terminal database platforms, one communication channel, and one portable intelligent treatment terminal. The control terminal of Bioboosti can be remotely controlled by the medical experts to conduct, through the portable terminal, the classified and individualized regenerative activation, viral suppression, and disease treatment of the damaged tissues. The control terminal of Bioboosti consists of two platforms, i.e. the database platform for regeneration and repairing of damaged organs, which is also known as the “Regeneration Coding Factor Bank”, and the prescription database platform for the inhibition of viral growth and treatment of diseases, which is also known as the “Bio-electronic Pharmaceutics Bank”.

Device Name: Biopulsar Reflexograph

Description:  biofeedback hand sensors

Manufacturers Claims: The Biopulsar-Reflexograph® is based on the latest computer technology combined with the scientific basis of the reflex-zone and meridian teachings. The hand sensor is a refined receiver for biomedical signals, which are taken from the reflex zones of the left/right hand’s palm. The absorption of the signals is done by putting the hand on a set of gold plated sensor pegs furnished on an electronic circuit board. Opposite to the Kirlian photography method that works with high frequencies, only low frequency currents are used on the Biopulsar for the measurements of the skin resistance. All together there are 143 biomedical sensors, scanning is done through 49 reflex zones. The measuring is in real-time, giving an accurate assessment of the state of health of the whole body. The Biopulsar biofeedback technology monitors and measures physical states such as muscle tone, skin temperature, the amount of skin perspiration, brainwave activity and other physical conditions. Moreover, the Biopulsar’s specialized features also include accurate colour display of the dynamic total body aura (showing over 90% of the human aura) and the organ aura; allowing you to access bioenergetics information. The graph analysis shows the energy of an organ, whereas colour shows how the vitality is being used.

Device Name: Bio-Well

Description:  gas-discharge visualization

Manufacturers Claims: GDV Technique is the computer registration and analysis of electro-photonic emissions of different objects, including biological (specifically the human fingers) resulting from placing the object in the high-intensity electromagnetic field on the device lens. The electrons emission stimulates gas discharge (glow) that is captured by the video camera and then translated and transmitted back in graphical representations for further analysis. The image, which we create in Bio-Well instrument, is based on idea of Acupuncture points concept and verified by 20 years of clinical experience by hundreds of practitioners with many thousands of patients. Bio-Well Sputnik accessory measures environment and object energies. Bio-Well is not a medical instrument. It provides an impression of your energy and stress levels and allows users to see their day-to-day transformation and the influence of different situations and stimuli.

Device Name: BLASE

Description: updated Chopra Dreamweaver

Manufacturers Claims: updated Chopra Dreamweaver

Device Name: Body Harmonizer

Description: multimodal therapy

Manufacturers Claims: “The Body Harmonizer uses several modalities to “tune” the spine and Chakras:

  1. Light pulsed at 8 Hertz
  2. Color added to the light source
  3. Sound mixed with the light source (either Tibetan Bowl or the color frequency 40 octaves below)
  4. The above combined with crystals create a scalar wave that is directed toward each Chakra of the body, the color and sound frequency being altered for each Chakra.

Device Name: Bovis Biometer

Description:  pendulum diagnostic

Manufacturers Claims: A scale developed for the measurement of intensity or vibrational quality of subtle energy, using a pendulum to obtain a reading

Device Name: BrainQ

Description:  AI diagnostics from electrophysiology

Manufacturers Claims: BrainQ is developing breakthrough technology that utilizes its proprietary AI algorithms to identify high resolution spectral patterns in patient’s EEG. These patterns are interpreted and then translated into a tailored electromagnetic treatment protocol aimed to treat disabilities following neurodisorders such as stroke and spinal cord injury. clinicla stuides underway.

Device Name: BT 8 BioTuner

Description:  Voll electroacupuncture

Manufacturers Claims: The Bio Tuner is a consumer product designed to be used as part of a Wellness Lifestyle. A commitment to healthy lifestyle choices is an important factor in the journey to Wellness. The SOTA Bio Tuner supports the mind-body connection. It outputs a broad range of harmonic frequencies helping to create an inner sense of calm, balance and tranquility.

Device Name: BT 8 BioTuner NeuroElectric Therapy*

Description:  transcutaneous elctrical stimulation

Manufacturers Claims: The Bio Tuner by SOTA is an easy-to-use relaxation product for stress relief. It outputs harmonic frequencies for greater health. This unit features an automatic built-in timer for 20-minute session

Device Name: CCT Meridian Analysis System

Description:  acupuncture meridia analyis

Manufacturers Claims: CCT Human Body Meridians Analysis System (CCT Meridian Analysis System)is a diagnostic and therapy system based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine. A fusion of thousand years of medical knowledge and the most modern technology in one system, which for the first time provides a real opportunity towards the prevention of sickness. Using a painless method, which takes only a few minutes to complete, a picture of the engergetical state of the body can be created.

Device Name: Celluma

Description:  light therapy

Manufacturers Claims: uses light energy to improve cellular health by accelerating the repair and replenishment of compromised tissue cells.

Device Name: Cereset / HIRREM

Description:  neurofeedback

Manufacturers Claims: Cereset’s patented BrainEchoª technology uses sensors to detect brain rhythms and proprietary algorithms that correlate those rhythms with musical tones played back to the client. The brain hears itself then naturally rebalances and repairs itself without outside intervention, stimulus or medication.

Device Name: Chakra Aura Imaging Photography (Guy Coggins)

Description:  electrical, temperature, humidity diagnosis

Manufacturers Claims: A person would put their left (or right) hand onto the hand sensors. This in turn would allow a particular product to measure the standardized biofeedback parameter. The hand sensor itself has various contact points on them; these are connected with certain organs of the body, as well as measure the electromagnetic field of the user and can thus deliver information about the energetic and auric qualities of that person. The hand sensor can also measure deviations in temperature, humidity and static electricity in the environment and the person, allowing for greater precision in data gathering. These data parameters are then projected as a radiant, colored aura field around the body on either a Polaroid photo or onto a computer or television screen. In no time thereafter, a brilliant color photo or computer print out can be presented to the user. Coggins states this camera, and others like it, “transmits radio waves through the subject’s electromagnetic field, then converts the waves into electrical energy which can be processed as light and color.”

Device Name: Chi Energizer

Description:  mechanical stimulation

Manufacturers Claims: The Chi Energizer (sold as the Chi Vitalizer in the USA) is a hugely popular machine that is superior to the original Chi Machine in numerous ways. It features a unique elliptical motion pattern that gently moves through the spine.

Device Name: Chopra Dreamweaver

Description:  light/sound therapy device

Manufacturers Claims: Deepak Chopra Dream Weaver uses light / sound pulses at specified frequencies to help you reach a variety of interesting and beneficial states of consciousness.

Device Name: Circuit for analyzing and affecting subtle energy resonance

Description:  subtle energy

Manufacturers Claims: US8362766B2

Device Name: CPT Torsion

Description:  meridian detection

Manufacturers Claims: US patent 6549805A biofeedback diagnostic system includes a triggering sensor and a central processing and telemetry unit having a block for producing a series of various type stimuli to a patient and an operator of the system.

Device Name: Creative Force Pendant

Description:  subtle energy

Manufacturers Claims: The pendant is an integrated development of feng shui principles – notably the bagua, numbers, sacred geometry, frequencies, golden ratio, harmonics, i-ching, colour, together with the use of silver and shungite in its production. The synergy enables a creative force which can be further focused by the user for empowerment.

Device Name: Curatron 2000HT

Description:  PEMF therapy

Manufacturers Claims: When looking for a PEMF device it is imperative that the device has the ability to penetrate the complete human body. As you move away from a PEMF pad the pulsed electromagnetic fields decrease substantially. MostÊdevices are not strong enough to penetrate the entire body! Curatron PEMF systems have the power toÊfullyÊpenetrate the whole bodyÊwith superior speed of induction whileÊchanging frequencies every couple of minutes to avoid body adaptation. There are Curatron PEMF coils for concentrated high power treatmentÊup-to 1,600 Gauss and 7,000 Gauss for the FLASHÊmodel!

Device Name: Cyberscan

Description:  subtle energy diagnosis

Manufacturers Claims: The Cyberscan is an advanced biofeedback device made in Germany utilizing state-of-the-art proprietary bio-cybernetic technology based upon the works of physicist and inventor Nikola Tesla and PrincetonÊEngineeringÊAnomaly Research (P.E.A.R.).ÊÊThe Cyberscan quickly scans the morphogenetic energy fields of a person,Êdetermines where the stressors are and creates a 100% natural solution that communicates with the immune system to detect and address those imbalances.

Device Name: Cybertonica M.I.N.D. (Mind Influence Notification Device)

Description:  electrical impedance spectrscopy

Manufacturers Claims: The M.I.N.D. (Mind Influence Notification Device) is a high-resolution sensor based on electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. This very sensitive device represents a tool for empirical research of the human mind and consciousness.

Device Name: CYBRES¨Measurement Unit (MU3)

Description:  electrical impedance spectrscopy

Manufacturers Claims: electrochemical and electrophysiological analysis of fluids and organic tissues -Differential Electrochemical Impedance Spectrometer (EIS)-Phytosensing and phytoactuating system-Biosensor based on fermentation activity of yeast

 CYMA Technologies AMI

Description:  sound therapy

Manufacturers Claims: With the AMI the sound can be applied trans-dermally through the feet or the hands and is ideal for supporting your health at home by keeping the body de-stressed. The resonant frequencies restore balance to the body with a quick and easy-to-use thirty-minute protocol. The AMI 750 is also highly effective for pain relief and increasing vitality.

Device Name: Diamond Shield Zapper

Description:  microcurrent therapy

Manufacturers Claims: A Zapper is a handy device that conducts low electric current in specific frequencies by means of two electrodes through the body. With his Diamond Shield Zapper IE with micro currents, EMS natural health professional and author A.E. Baklayan extended the Clark Zapper and designed a device whose innovative new features raise todayÕs Zapper technology to a whole new level.

Device Name: Digital energy Mandalas

Description:  sacred geometry

Manufacturers Claims: Get the energy you need when you need it, on-the-fly, no matter where you are. Shift your state instantly and make long-term positive changes in your life with our Mandalas

Device Name: DTL Electro-Magnetic Table

Description:  EMF – radionics therapy

Manufacturers Claims: This is a portable version of Hazel Parcells’ original table The bed has copper coils energized by the transformer/Pulser. It exposes the body to either North or South Pole energies, which help to balance the acid/alkaline nature of the cells. Device permits connections to radionics devices such as a Kelly Instrument.

Device Name: EAV Dermatron CLS

Description:  torsion field diagnsotic

Manufacturers Claims: EAV Dermatron CLS device is used for both diagnostics and treatment. According to a frequency range set by Dr. Voll specialists can apply an especially effective EAV and stress relieving oscillation therapy intended to cure a wide range of health disorders.

Device Name: EGELEY Wheel

Description:  pyschokinesis device

Manufacturers Claims: The key component is a 70 mm wheel that rotates on a delicate pivot fueled by your life energy. Simply remove the plastic cover and cup one of your hands around the wheel. The wheel will begin to rotate as you concentrate.The switch on the left activates the electronic indicators that show the wheel’s speed of rotation, a measure of your energy level. The two lights display the current rate of revolution and the maximum value achieved since the beginning of the measurement. The beeping sound that you hear as the wheel rotates can be used as biofeedback training or turned off.

Device Name: Egely Wheel

Description:  pyschokinesis

Manufacturers Claims: The wheel spins in different directions depending on how it is approached, generally with the palm of the hand. The speed of movement indicates what the inventor calls the Vitality Quotient (VQ). Stronger vitality and mindpower will influence the motion of the wheel from further away; “indicates your overall vitality.”

Device Name: Electro Interstitial Scan

Description:  galvanic skin response device

Manufacturers Claims: a unique hardware/software computerized system that applies precise algorithms and proprietary formulas to generate on-screen, 3-D modeling representations of the human body’s organs and organ systems; with specific intended uses: monitoring of: life style, nutrition, micro-nutrition, and estimated parameters of body composition (as a biofeedback device in the United States); monitoring of treatments for select diseases and as an adjunct to conventional diagnosis of ADHD children (as a medical device in European, Asian, and South American marketplaces)

Device Name: Electroacupuncture according to Voll (EAV)

Description:  meridian-based electrodermal testing

Manufacturers Claims: measures changes in conductivity said to reflect meridian activity. Scientific literature ambivalent and some controversry exists

Device Name: Electrodots

Description:  EMF protection

Manufacturers Claims: The ElectroDOT is a small disk, jam-packed with bio-information designed to harmonise, or suppress if you like, the electromagnetic radiation emitted from electrical equipment. Simply by attaching the ElectroDOT to your television, mobile phone, laptop, you are protecting yourself and your family from the immediate and long term effects of electro-stress.

Device Name: Electro-Scanning Method (ESM) from Oldfield Systems

Description:  bioresonance therapy

Manufacturers Claims: A subject is scanned with the Electro-Scanning Method or ESM. Harmless signals from the ElectroCrystal generator are induced into the body via the electrode which is held in the hand. The body’s energy field is boosted by these ‘signals’. The output signals from the patient are detected with a hand-held scanner to provide analytical information about the energy field. This information can indicate past, present and sometimes future problem zones in the energy field. A person trained in ESM scanning can then extrapolate useful information which can be analysed to deduce the most effective ways to rebalance the energy of the subject.

Device Name: Electro-Stimulator 4c.Pro

Description:  electroacupuncture stimulator

Manufacturers Claims: The Electrostimulator 4c.Pro is a four channel percutaneous electroacupuncture stimulator. All four output channels will deliver the stronger type, classical milliampere strength electrical current. Pantheon Research uses an exclusive electrical waveform that is considered the best type for maximum physiological response of a beneficial nature, the symmetrical biphasic waveform.

Device Name: E-Lybra

Description:  meridian detection

Manufacturers Claims: The e-Lybra 9 Energy Balancing System is a bio-resonance / bio-feedback device which can analyse and restore energetic balance within the bio-field of humans and animals.

Device Name: EM Pulse Pad

Description:  PEMF

Manufacturers Claims: The low frequency magnetic fields passes completely through your body to heal deep injury and relieve pain. Since it is designed to activate the restorative and healing heat shock protein (HSP 70) within ten (10) minutes, with theÊfamous “nanosecond risetime”of the magnetic pulses. Proves helpful in a variety of illness and injuries including soft tissue trauma, fractures, ankle sprains, arthritis, heart disease, stroke, gynecologic pain including PMS, neurodegenerative disorders, MS, migraine, skin ulcers, postop and traumatic wound healing, and virtually any inflammatory problem of stomach muscles, bursa, tendons, or joints.


Device Name: EMF Environmental Stabilizer

Description:  EMF protection

Manufacturers Claims: Designed to neutralize Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) and/or Geopathic Stress. For EMF protection: It produces a 7.83 Hz field (Schumann Resonance); For Geopathic Stress: The unit detects and then amplifies the waves REVERSING in phase by 180 degrees and retransmitting them creating a neutralizing effect (similar to noise cancellation technology).

Device Name: EMF Environmental Stabilizer

Description: Schu freq

Manufacturers Claims: For EMF protection: It produces a 7.83 Hz field (Schumann Resonance), is available in 1 to 4 coil configuration blanketing 20,000 to 40,000 sq. ft. area, overcoming the negative EMF fields. For Geopathic Stress: The unit detects and then amplifies the waves REVERSING in phase by 180 degrees and retransmitting them creating a neutralizing effect (similar to noise cancellation technology). The device can be used in one of 3 ways: (1) EMF protection only (2) Geopathic Stress only (3) combination of both. Also address HAARP frequencies.

Device Name: EMF Pulser

Description: PEMF

Manufacturers Claims: The low frequency magnetic fields passes completely through your body to heal deep injury and relieve pain. Since it is designed to activate the restorative and healing heat shock protein (HSP 70) within ten (10) minutes, with theÊfamous “nanosecond risetime”of the magnetic pulses. Proves helpful in a variety of illness and injuries including soft tissue trauma, fractures, ankle sprains, arthritis, heart disease, stroke, gynecologic pain including PMS, neurodegenerative disorders, MS, migraine, skin ulcers, postop and traumatic wound healing, and virtually any inflammatory problem of stomach muscles, bursa, tendons, or joints.

Device Name: E-Most

Description: bioresonance

Manufacturers Claims: The method utilizes a connection of bidirectional communication (EMOST know-how) between skin cells and the nervous system, because the skin is sophisticated sensory organ, mediates infinite numbers of stimulus. The equipment uses signals (EMOST know-how) via free nerve endings of skin, uses the autonomous and central nervous systemÕs signal ways. It works continously interacive contact (EMOST know-how) by the body under treatment, over 40-55 minuts, it can parallel and continually refine the bodyÕs self-controlling and self-regulation processes.

Device Name: Energy Harmoniser

Description: radionics

A type of black box radionic instrument for harmonising geopathic stress and negative energies at places. Effective in situ as well as at a distance

Device Name: Epic GDV Nancy Rizzo

Description: gas discharge diagnosis

Manufacturers Claims: gas discharge device. FDA gave Class 1 certification for data “reported numerically and as images without clinical interpretation”

Device Name: ES Teck Complex/LD Technology

Description: diagnosis with electrophysiology and photoplethysmogram

Manufacturers Claims: Designed to assess Cardio Metabolic Risk factors as established by the American Diabetes Association. The test specifically looks at endothelial dysfunction, autonomic nervous system imbalance, and peripheral neuropathy. Testing takes 7-minutes and requires no technician. Results are instant, comprehensive, and directly interpretable. Implementing the ES Complex will increase your income, expand your services (offer more tests/solutions rather than outsource) and finally improve patient cooperation and satisfaction. ES Teck Complex Software is an optional software accessory with data management capabilities , for use with the following EC Mark devices: a)TM-Oxi (Oximeter and blood Pressure device); b) SudoPath (Galvanic Skin response); c) ES-BC (Body Composition Analyzer)

F-J Biofield Technology & Devices

Device Name: Feel

Description: emotion sensing wristband

Manufacturers Claims: By leveraging four embedded sensors via the wristband, Feel collects these indicators and analyses them using cutting-edge methods of computer science. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is measured through a photoplethysmogram (PPG) sensor that captures slight differences in heart rate as one lives through emotional experiences.ÊFeel also measures Electrodermal Responses (EDR) through a Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) sensor, as this has been shown to be a reliable emotion-related indicator. An infrared Skin Temperature sensor catches differences in body temperature that have been shown to vary in a range of emotional states. Finally, the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) measures movement and activity to improve Feel’s ability to detect and predict affective experiences. Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and signal processing algorithms analyze vital signs and identify affective patterns. Through state-of-the-art machine and deep learning methods, Feel monitors the bodyÕs physiological signals throughout the day to recognize the internal bodily patterns that help construct your emotional experience. These bodily patterns give rise to sensations that are characterized by a certain level of pleasure or displeasure, as well as by some degree of alertness (what emotion researchers call core affect).

Device Name: Field Control Therapy

Description: bioresonance diagnostics

Manufacturers Claims: FCTs unique bio-resonance testing system enables the health practitioner to dissect any organ or tissue at multiple layers lest miss salient pathogenic factors behind illness while focusing him exclusively only on the key pernicious factors that are known to impose maximum destruction to homeostatic networks. At the same time, the therapeutic principles pinpoint the most effective therapeutic means for the removal of these agents and dismantling of disease states, as well as physiologic restoration.

Device Name: Focus At Will

Description: sound therapy

Manufacturers Claims: Focus@will is a new music service based on human neuroscience. It helps you focus, reduce distractions, maintain your productivity and retain information when working, studying, writing and reading. The scientifically tested technology behind focus@will has been shown to alter brain activity toward a state that is more conducive to productivity.

Device Name: FocusBand

Description: neurofeedback brain trainer

Manufacturers Claims: FocusBand measures and trains the mental process, to change the result, to rewire the belief. It becomes a closed loop system

Device Name: French Universal Pendulum

Description: light therapy combined with pendulum diagnosis

Manufacturers Claims: A full-spectrum analysis and treatment tool used in colour therapy and balancing the subtle energy fields. This is the ultimate combined energy device and pendulum

Device Name: Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Description: microcurrent therapy

Manufacturers Claims: body of literature showing effects for different frequencies, waveforms and treatment regimens

Device Name: Fresh And Alive Ormusite Holy Hand Grenade

Description: scalar wave

Manufacturers Claims: Emits a 16-inch radius subtle scalar energy field with a wide range of uses and benefits for humans, animals, plants, insects, beneficial microbes, & mushrooms/fungi.

Device Name: Fresh And Alive Ormusite Scalar Energy Disk

Description: scalar wave

Manufacturers Claims: Emits a 10-foot radius subtle scalar energy field with a wide range of uses and benefits for humans, animals, plants, insects, beneficial microbes, & mushrooms/fungi.


Device Name: Fresh And Alive Scalar Energy Home Shield

Description: scalar wave

Manufacturers Claims: Whole house & wide area powered scalar energy device that helps reduce the effects of electromagnetic and other environmental pollution, and promotes deep sleep, stress reduction & relaxation, increased energy, relief from jet lag, and more!

Device Name: Fresh And Alive Scalar Energy Rest Shield

Description: scalar wave

Manufacturers Claims: AC powered scalar subtle energy device that promotes deep sleep, helps relieve stress and stress-related issues, helps to reduce or eliminate jet lag, relaxes the body and mind, reduces the effects of electromagnetic pollution, helps improve performance during waking hours, and more.

Device Name: FullSpectrum Kirlian Camera

Description: EMF field sensor

Manufacturers Claims: Fullspectrum’s Kirlian Bio-field Camera has a variable frequency option, variable power, variable time, soft start, 120/240 – 60/50hz switchable option, and Live view SLR digital capture docking facility that enables you to take a Kirlian photograph directly to your computer.

Device Name: GDV

Description: Gas Discharge Visualization

Manufacturers Claims: The EPC/GDV SciLab program is designed for processing and analysis of EPC/GDV images recorded using the EPC/GDV Capture program. The EPC/GDV SciLab program provides quick and easy multi-parametric processing and statistical comparison of two samples of static or dynamic EPC/GDV images of any research subjects. The program can operate in two modes: a static mode for static EPC/GDV images processing and dynamic , for dynamic images. It also enables to perform analysis of a sector of the EPC/GDV image.

Device Name: Genovus

Description: PEMF therapy

Manufacturers Claims: This prototype research device emits a unique signal obtained from a bioactive substrate. We believe this signal is similar to a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrum. Our device delivers its unique therapeutic signal?via?a pulsed?electromagnetic field (PEMF).

Device Name: Halo Neuroscience

Description: transcranial electrical stimulation for perfromance enhancement

Manufacturers Claims: The headset works by applying a small electric current to the part of the brain that controls movement, activating neurons so they fire more often when you train. The more neurons fire, together, the faster pathways are built in your brain.

Device Name: Harmonic Egg

Description: sound, light, vibration therapy

Manufacturers Claims: combines photostimulation, music and the vibratory sensory perception of music for optimal relaxation and autonomic balance.Ê We are working to turn off the activity of the genes that cause disease / trauma and turn on the activity of the genes that fight disease and release trauma.Ê Once this happens, the rest can be done by the body.Ê Simply, we trigger the body mechanisms to do the job of fighting disease / trauma on its own.Ê We are not damaging the structure of the body with the sessions.Ê We are influencing the body to do what it is innately born to do!

Device Name: Harmonic Shield

Description: EMF protection

Manufacturers Claims: Help balance the body from the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) from cell phones and other small appliances.

Device Name: Health Angel

Description: electrodermal diagnosis/treatment

Manufacturers Claims: In a typical session, the Biontologist uses electroacupuncture according to Voll to identify any disturbances in one or more organ systems. During the treatment the Chiren receives the biophotons emitted by light rodsa client through a glass rod held in one hand. Inside the instrument the body’s coherent light is amplified, while the chaotic light is inverted. The light is then sent back to the body via a second glass rod held in the other hand.

Device Name: Healthmarts (HeartMath) Freeze-Framer

Description: light stimulator

Manufacturers Claims: The Freeze-Framer ¨ is an innovative, easy-to-use interactive software program that displays your heart rhythms in real time and shows you how stress may be affecting you.

Device Name: Hippocampus BRT

Description: bioreresonance therapy

Manufacturers Claims: The Bioresonance (BRT), also called “cellular Bioregulation” is a unique approach to the health and well-being of the person where both biofeedback and electromagnetic technology designed to better support the body to regulate itself are used.

Device Name: HMR UVC (Tom Perez)

Description: light therapy

Manufacturers Claims: The UV Light Therapy Machine is a small box, equipped with two liquid core light guides that are placed about 1/8″ from the UVA and UVC light bulbs.ÊThe actual sublingual parts are the light guides.ÊThey are both inserted into the mouth via a mouthpiece and placed under the tongue of the patient. The ultraviolet light penetrates through the oral mucosa and is received by the blood stream via capillaries producing reactive oxygen species This reactive oxygen species in turn has a direct stimulation on the immune system via production of protective anti-oxidative enzymes All bacterial and viral infections are destroyed via increased super oxidative production and their lack of internal or innate anti-oxidative system.ÊPetro chemicals are also oxidized by the production of reactive oxygen species and their lack of protection.

Device Name: iAwake

Description: sound therapy

Manufacturers Claims: iAwake’s unique approaches to session design entrain both ourÊnervous and our subtle energy systems, by combining traditional entrainment methods with newer applications based on the power of resonance. In addition to increasing intelligence, creativity, flow, and skillfulness in practically any activity that requires the human body-mind, with iAwake Technologies, we enter into deep healing brainwave states almost immediately while listening to these audio tracks.

Device Name: iMRS

Description: PEMF therapy

Manufacturers Claims: µT-range no science notable for widespread use

Device Name: Indigo Biofeedback System

Description: frequency healing technology

Manufacturers Claims: In approximately five minutes, the INDIGO Biofeedback System can simultaneously detect and record information about the individual clientÕs stress reactions. The INDIGO Biofeedback System reveals a clientÕs voltage, amperage, resistance and other electrical calculations which may be important indicators of wellness. Different lifestyle factors which could be contributing to the bodyÕs overall stress load are reflected in the INDIGO Biofeedback SystemÕs Suppression Obstruction Cure (SOC) scores. Information about reactions to over 11,000 subtle stress related signatures and physiological parameters are also reported for client education. The INDIGO Biofeedback System functions in a multitude of ways, it can send signals to measure and record electro-physiological reactions to a multitude of items, re-educate certain muscles, nerves or organs or it can retrain areas of the body / mind to healthier patterns. In other cases, it can invert certain signals which seem to be closely associated with a stress pattern. The INDIGO Biofeedback System is by far the most comprehensive biofeedback system on the market today. Pre-designed stress reduction protocols may be used, or programs can be designed to meet the specific individual needs of each client. There are hundreds of different training programs that may used back-to-back in limitless combinationÕs to obtain optimum results. Additionally, it is able to run up to four complimentary programs simultaneously for a highly synergistic and enhanced effect.

Device Name: Inergetix-CoRe

Description: biofeedback sound electric

Manufacturers Claims: Inergetix-CoRe is an advanced “computer based” device that combines analysis and balancing on both the informational and energetic levels. External electrodes apply resonant frequencies to body based upon electrodermal diagnosis.

Device Name: Intention Host Device

Description: intention-imprinted device

Manufacturers Claims:


Description: inter-dimensional therapy device

Manufacturers Claims: When scientist and mathematicians try to describe things, they turn to equations and formulas. And when that does not work, they turn to a million words to describe what they don’t know. Now, with the internet, you can find site after site with meaningless information. I thought the purpose of it all, was to make things better and find out about the beauty of the universe. But just like an accountant, researchers get buried in their own language. To understand the cosmic equations, it takes a way of communicating beyond words and formulas. The Ancients did it with symbols. This device that you are looking at is both a symbol and an apparatus that follows the laws of Interdimensional and Tetrahedral Physics.By using this device you can take your consciousness a higher level to produce a more productive, creative life experience.

Device Name: iom2 HRV

Description: heart rate variability biofeedback

Manufacturers Claims: The iom2 measures Heart Rate Variability (HRV), a measure of the variation in time between heartbeats and is considered to be a strong indicator of meditative state. Unyte teaches specific breathing, mindfulness and relaxation techniques proven to increase your HRV.

Device Name: Itovi

Description: galvanic skin response diagnosis

Manufacturers Claims: Galvanic skin response has been around for a long time, and iTOVi is making advances into the measurements GSR provides. After an iTOVi hand scan is complete, the data is processed through iTOVi’s complex proprietary algorithm, giving us a deeper look at the small changes in the conductivity of the skin. We then analyze the scan results to increase the intelligence of the iTOVi algorithm. Once the iTOVi scan is complete, a report will show you the results of your scan in the iTOVi app.

Device Name: Jeffrey Thompson

Description: sound therapy

Manufacturers Claims: There are many benefits available to anyone. Unfortunately, no one can tell you what you will receive or when you will receive for multiple reasons. Some of these reasons involve one’s particular challenge and need, karma, life-style, dietary habits, belief system, past experiences, and current situation, to mention a few characteristics that made each of us unique. We receive that which we need and are able to receive – all special and all a blessing. Life is a journey – ever new and growth-producing – each step capable of changing whatever to a great extent.

K-O Biofield Technology & Devices

Device Name: Kelly Radionic Instruments

Description: radionics

Manufacturers Claims: Since 1978 the Kelly family has delivered top quality radionic instruments to the vast community of “subtle energy” researchers and practitioners through invention, manufacture and distribution of the famous Kelly Analyzers. Today we strive to deliver a complete line of supporting products, supplies, devices, training, and information and to serve as a comprehensive resource for all radionic research.

Device Name: Kokoon

Description: sleep aiding headphones

Manufacturers Claims: Kokoon’s sensor enabled headphones and intelligent audio library will take care of the thinking so you can get on with the relaxing. Kokoon uses movement and EEG data to understand your relaxation and sleep.

Device Name: Large Radionic Instrument (LRI)

Description: radionics diagnosis

Manufacturers Claims: Radionics is an advanced complementary therapy in which the practitioner uses pendulum dowsing (a form of Radiesthesia) in combination with Radionic instruments to discover and correct what are termed ‘energy imbalances’ in the patient. These imbalances can result from many possible causes, such as emotional and psychological shock, trauma and other difficulties, exposure to toxins and poisons (such as heavy metals), viral and other infections, nutritional and related deficiencies, allergies, geopathic and other environmental stressors, miasms, and even various forms of occult attack and interference.

Device Name: LEET Low Energy Emission Therapy

Description: cancer treatment based upon preferred frequencies

Manufacturers Claims: We have developed noninvasive biofeedback examination devices and techniques and discovered that patients with the same tumor type exhibit biofeedback responses to the same, precise frequencies. Intrabuccal administration of 27.12 MHz radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic fields (EMF), which are amplitude-modulated at tumor-specific frequencies, results in long-term objective responses in patients with cancer and is not associated with any significant adverse effects.

Device Name: LENS Neurofeedback

Description: neurofeedback

Manufacturers Claims: We apply sensors to the scalp to listen in on brainwave activity. We process the signal by computer, and extract information about certain key brainwave frequencies. Through a patented process, we then bring this information back to the client down the sensor wires to the person’s skin. The results are reduction and/or elimination of the symptoms which previously interfered with the client’s quality of life. The sessions are brief (usually 3-5 minutes), gentle (usually the client feels nothing during the session), and the changes are lasting with some exceptions: with symptoms of progressive conditions such as Parkinson’s and MS, the treatment needs to be ongoing to sustain the improvement.

Device Name: LENS Neurofeedback

Description: neurofeedback

Manufacturers Claims: The LENS resets the neural-connectivity of the brain. It allows the brain to communicate better with itself, and in doing so the brain optimizes itÕs own functioning.

Device Name: Lenyosys

Description: PEMF bioresonance

Manufacturers Claims: Bioregulation Therapy (BRT)is a unique energy modality that uses advanced biofeedback and pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology to support biological communications at the cellular level –ultimately helping the body to better self-regulate, adapt and heal naturally.

Device Name: LFMS (Rohan MRI signal)

Description: low-field MRI signal for therapy

Manufacturers Claims: based upon reports of mood elevation due to MRI scans

Device Name: Life System

Description: bioresonance

Manufacturers Claims: The L.I.F.E. System biofeedback device attempts to identify and record subtle, informational “stress potentials”, provided by the client during the assessment procedure. The computer evaluates such responses, then, challenges the individual with that information by feeding it back to the client.

Device Name: Lifewave

Description: therapeutic patches

Manufacturers Claims: Activate your stem cells! Patented phototherapy is designed to elevate a peptide known to enhance stem cell activity. Multiple benefits from the LifeWave X39ª patch including the support of wound healing, rapid pain relief, more energy and better sleep Ð must be experienced to be believed

Device Name: Limfa

Description: PEMF therapy

Manufacturers Claims: A PURE digital signal. Recent studies have shown that some sequences of complex signals, consistent with the electric charge of the cell, are biologically active. The forced “vibration” of all the free ions on the surface of the plasma membrane of the cell, following the scheme defined by the LIMFA Therapy sequences, is able to open atypically the electro-sensitive channels of the plasma membrane and therefore to cause an alteration of the balance and electrochemical functions of the cell.

Device Name: Lucia No. 3/Neurologe

Description: light therapy

Manufacturers Claims: The Lucia no.03 uses stroboscopic, colourless LED lights in adjustable frequencies and intensities alongside a constant light source, which can also be varied. Just like tone in music the sequences of pulsed light with the constant light of Lucia no.03 create an overall sensation that can be described as an optical counterpart to whatever music you choose to soundtrack your experience. The Lucia no.03 offers an experience like no other.

Device Name: Luminas

Description: subtle energy patch for pain

Manufacturers Claims: Our proprietary technology allows us to capture these unique electric field signatures from 100s of natural remedies used to relieve pain and inflammation. These unique signatures are then modulated onto a resonant carrier wave allowing us to transfer these unique signatures onto the patch. Once applied to the skin, the patches are activated and energy from the 200+ remedies are released to support the bodyÕs own innate, natural healing process. This activation results in fast acting, long lasting pain and inflammation relief without any drugs, chemicals, or known side effects.

Device Name: Magcell1 Vetri

Description: PEMF therapy

Manufacturers Claims: 200mT sinusoid with frequency 4Ð12 Hz pulse width 12.5 ms

Device Name: Magna Pulse (Mark Squibb)

Description: transcutaneous electrical stimulation

Manufacturers Claims: A proprietary miniature technology that addresses symptoms using programmed series of electromagnetic signals. PTD works by stimulating our body’s frequency-based information system on an electromagnetic level. It uses the understanding of how the body is influenced through communication energetically. Cell molecules generate electromagnetic frequencies. These frequencies are an important part of the cell to cell communication and guidance of the bodyÕs self-regulating mechanisms. When a health condition appears, the molecular movements change, and by influencing them with correct frequencies, they are stimulated to re-tune themselves back to their normal state.

Device Name: MagnaWave PEMF

Description: PEMF therapy

Manufacturers Claims: Magna Wave PEMF uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to cover low energy cells in raw, pure energy. Each cell in your body is actually just like a battery, which are call capacitors, that holds a charge. Your entire body is electrical and your cells each need a measurable electrical charge to function optimally. In order to maintain good wellness, cells must be doing their jobs. Magna Wave PEMF supports the body’s natural abilities to optimize balanced body functions –the definition of wellness. Magna Wave PEMF machines produce an impulse to create every pulse as a singular unique electromagnetic event. The impulse creates rectangular waves that “ring out” with saw tooth waves.

Device Name: Magnesphere

Description: EMF therapy

Manufacturers Claims: The Magnesphere immerses the entire body in a uniform, natural magnetic field. Similar to an MRI, our fields affect the body at the molecular level

Device Name: Magnetic field enhancement of tumor treatment US20030073879A1

Description: cancer therapy

Manufacturers Claims: US patent application US20030073879A1 high frequency

Device Name: Magneto – Wheeler Genetically targeted magnetic control of the nervous system

Description: magnetic control of nervous system

Manufacturers Claims: single-component, magnetically sensitive actuator, “Magneto,” comprising the cation channel TRPV4 fused to the paramagnetic protein ferritin. We validated noninvasive magnetic control over neuronal activity by demonstrating remote stimulation of cells using in vitro calcium imaging assays, electrophysiological recordings in brain slices, in vivo electrophysiological recordings in the brains of freely moving mice, and behavioral outputs in zebrafish and mice. As proof of concept, we used Magneto to delineate a causal role of striatal dopamine receptor 1 neurons in mediating reward behavior in mice. Together our results present Magneto as an actuator capable of remotely controlling circuits associated with complex animal behaviors.

Device Name: Med Hot TotalVision

Description: infrared imaging

Manufacturers Claims: TotalVision Unique Features  Positional overlays prompt the thermographer to position the patient in the expected position every time!  Anatomical Overlays to further visualize the anatomy associated with the thermal patterns  Thumbnail images offer a quick overview and easy access to captured images.  Spot readings at the location of the curser for a quick temperature assessment.Medical Thermography Software Positional Overlay

Device Name: Medasense PMD-200

Description: objective pain assessment

Manufacturers Claims: The device consists of a non-invasive finger probe which continuously records multiple pain related physiological signals – using four sensors namely a photoplethysmograph, galvanic skin response, temperature and accelerometer. From the signals- dozen of pain related physiological parameters and derivatives are extracted and computed (heart rate, heart rate variability, skin conductance level, photoplethysmography pulse wave amplitude, a number of skin conduction fluctuations, skin temperature and more). The PMD200 bedside monitor uses composite artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze dozens of pain-related measurable changes in the physiological parameters and determine the individual’s nociception level index (NOL™). This NOL™ is visualized on the PMD200™ monitor using a scale of 0 to 100, where 0 represents no pain and 100, extreme pain. The device is calibrated to the individual’s baseline and provides continuous, real time monitoring.

Device Name: MediScen Energy Blanket

Description: healing blanket

Manufacturers Claims: multiple layers of steel-wool or steel-mesh

Device Name: Meditherm med2000

Description: medical IR thermography

Manufacturers Claims: The med2000 has two parts, the IR camera and a standard PC or laptop computer, making the system very portable. The system has been designed with ease of use in mind … there are few controls and the software is intuitive and menu driven.

Device Name: melomind

Description: EEG neurofeedback

Manufacturers Claims: Melomind will ask you to pay attention to one sound in particular, which is the reflection of your own personal relaxation level. It is a deep and profound sound, like a bass note played in the background. This sound indicator will vary in terms of volume to make you aware of your relaxation state.

Device Name: Memonizer

Description: EMF protection

Manufacturers Claims: Resonance and polarity are determining factors in our lives. memon technology uses these natural foundations to create a harmonious environment. It is thereby proven to protect your cells in their vitality from the effects of high-frequency radiation (electrosmog). memon technology is able to transfer information on mediums such as power (lines), heating circuits or water so that as well as harmonising the medium itself, such as the electricity network, a treatment area is established in the rooms. In this way, rooms are returned to their Ònatural balanceÓ Ð which is visible, among other things, by the shifting of air ions into natural areas and balance and in the reduction of fine particulate matter in breathable air.

Device Name: Menla EIS

Description: meridian detection and treatment

Manufacturers Claims: Modeling of the human body related to the conductivity of the normalized location of the human body systems. Measurement of conductivity of 22 segments of the Human body via 6 tactile electrodes.

Device Name: Meridian Energy Analysis Device Pro

Description: electro-acupuncture diagnostic

Manufacturers Claims: The Meridian Energy Analysis Device is currently a popular tool in the scientific research of meridian electrophysiology. In this field, it is generally believed that measuring the electrical conductivity of meridians provides information about the balance of bioenergy or Qi-blood in the body.

Device Name: Metatron NLS

Description: bioresonance diagnostics

Manufacturers Claims: Bio-resonance or NLS-diagnostics is the reading, processing and analyzing of information discerned from the output of electromagnetic waves issued by the human body, including DNA and chromosomes. Scanning is accomplished by means of bioinductors – special trigger sensors capable of measuring the state of all cells in the human body, as well as the activity of bacteria, parasites and other infectious agents inhabiting it. Metatron® targets the subcortical brain – the largest repository of information about the ongoing processes within an organism. Information received during an impermanent (20 min) diagnostic is reformed into a digital signal, which is subsequently decoded and analyzed by METATRON’s unique software. METATRON’s software database contains a total of 10,000 spectral etalons of different processes and preparations, used to determine illnesses and suggest remedies. METATRON also estimates a body’s compatibility with all preparations (such as drugs, dietary supplements, phytopreparations, foodstuff, minerals and stones) not already present in its database by use of a special bio-resonance chamber.

Device Name: Microlight

Description: laser therapy

Manufacturers Claims: MICROLIGHT CORPORATION is a pioneer in the field ofÊColdÊLaserÊSalesÊand the exclusive manufacturer of the patented ML830¨ laser. MicroLight was the first company with FDA clearance to market low level laser therapy (ÒLLLTÓ) for the non-surgical treatment of pain through adjunctive therapy in patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Device Name: MORA

Description: bioreresonance therapy

Manufacturers Claims: In the mid-70s, Franz Morell and his son-in-law, electrical engineer Erich Rasche, searched together for an alternative therapy method. They transferred the principle of waves and frequencies which have no side effects, from quantum physics to medical technology. The result of the intensive research was a technology which is able to absorb the bodyÕs own oscillations, analyse them, correct them and return them to the body in an adjusted form. This was the hour of birth of the classic bio-resonance therapy, the MORA¨-Therapy.

Device Name: MRET (molecular resonance effect technology)

Description: water treatment

Manufacturers Claims: During the process of activation the subtle low frequency electromagnetic field is imprinted into the water. It closely resembles the natural geomagnetic field found near healing water springs.

Device Name: Muldoon 2016 Stimulation-Based Control of Dynamic Brain Networks

Description: nonlinear brain dynamics

Manufacturers Claims: The ability to modulate brain states using targeted stimulation is increasingly being employed to treat neurological disorders and to enhance human performance. Despite the growing interest in brain stimulation as a form of neuromodulation, much remains unknown about the network-level impact of these focal perturbations. To study the system wide impact of regional stimulation, we employ a data-driven computational model of nonlinear brain dynamics to systematically explore the effects of targeted stimulation. Validating predictions from network control theory, we uncover the relationship between regional controllability and the focal versus global impact of stimulation, and we relate these findings to differences in the underlying network architecture. Finally, by mapping brain regions to cognitive systems, we observe that the default mode system imparts large global change despite being highly constrained by structural connectivity. This work forms an important step towards the development of personalized stimulation protocols for medical treatment or performance enhancement.

Device Name: multiwave oscillator

Description: EMF therapy

Manufacturers Claims: The Multiwave Oscillator is a resonance device which subtle tproduces a wide spectrum of frequencies with harmonics. Singing bowls, violins, etc. do so. It is not a medical device. It’s more a musical instrument and has the following effect: deep relaxation, being thoughtless and a feeling of wellbeing. George Lakhovsky, an important, asserted that every cell in the body is informed by the MWO and the vitality is stimulated again. The technique and the experience are simple and beautiful in their simplicity.

Device Name: Muse Interaxon

Description: EEG neurofeedback meditation assistant

Manufacturers Claims: Muse translates your mental activity into the guiding sounds of weather to help you find focused calm.

Device Name: NanoVi

Description: bioresonance

Manufacturers Claims: The NanoVi device augments a signal that is naturally generated by the body and is essential to cellular activity. The following 3D animation explains how NanoViÕs Òbio-identical signalÓ assists the multi-step process of reinstalling protein functions that are essential to cellular activity.

Device Name: NEMOS

Description: vagus nerve stimulation

Manufacturers Claims: NEMOS® stimulates the auricular branch of the vagus nerve by wearing a discrete ear electrode, the electrode is so discrete it is often mistaken for a smartphone headphone.

Device Name: Neosync

Description: transcranial electrical stimulation for perfromance enhancement

Manufacturers Claims: Unique among TMS therapies, synchronized TMS (sTMS) used by NEST® is personalized to a patient’s individual alpha frequency, as measured by a brief electroencephalogram (EEG) recording. This configuration allows the magnetic field energy to be reduced, providing patient comfort during stimulation. The lowered energy requirements also allow NEST® to be much smaller and more portable than traditional TMS systems.


Device Name: NES BioEnergetiX WellNES System

Description: bioresonance diagnostics PEMF therapy

Manufacturers Claims: With a single click, and in seconds, it returns a richly detailed overview – including multiple screens and beautiful graphics depicting the state of the Body-Field and how it supports the body’s wellness. It uses the proven benefits of biofeedback and PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy) to locate, unblock and release energy blockages.

Device Name: NES miHealth

Description: biofeedback

Manufacturers Claims: The NES miHealth is a powerful hand-held biofeedback device that is non-invasive and effective for reducing stress, and re-educating energy flow and muscles. As stress is released, energy can flow properly and the bodyÕs innate healing intelligence can revert back to its original, optimal state.

Device Name: NES miHealth

Description: EMF bioresonance

Manufacturers Claims: The NES miHealth is a powerful hand-held biofeedback device that is non-invasive and effective for reducing stress, and re-educating energy flow and muscles. As stress is released, energy can flow properly and the body’s innate healing intelligence can revert back to its original, optimal state.

Device Name: NES Scanning Software

Description: electrical diagnosis

Manufacturers Claims: Scan your client’s Body-Field in seconds by placing their hand on the scanner

Device Name: Neuma Biowatch

Description: watch-based diagnosistics

Manufacturers Claims: measures signals associated with the autonomic nervous system including heart rate, skin conductance, temperature, and physical activity to develop a library of personal and population algorithms. The company is currently licensing its biomodules to watch and jewellery manufacturers for widespread applications.

Device Name: NeuroDreamer

Description: EEG neurofeedback coupled with sound and light

Manufacturers Claims: Through light and sound, the NeuroDreamer sleep mask generates a sequence of brainwave frequencies that correspond to the natural sequence of brainwave activity as observed in a person as they fall asleep. These frequencies are produced using binaural beats* embedded within ambient music, and synchronized with fading lights – all generated by the NeuroDreamer sleep mask’s microcontroller, which is concealed inside the mask’s memory foam.

Device Name: NeuroOn

Description: sleep mask and light therapy

Manufacturers Claims: The Neuroon features built-in sensors which detect EEG (brainwaves), EOG (eye movement), body movement and your pulse. Combined with its partner app, the Neuroon offers advanced sleep analytics, including REM sleep staging, a sunrise simulator and a range of light therapy programs.

Device Name: NeuroPulse I,II,III

Description: cranial electrostimulation

Manufacturers Claims: Harmonic bioelectric frequencies have been used successfully for decades to stimulate and balance the body’s production of Neurotransmitters and Endorphins (endogenous morphine, “The Runner’s High”) for deep relaxation, sound sleep, super-learning, mood elevation; relief from addictions (food, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, etc.) and stress-related syndromes, while enhancing memory, I.Q., vitality, immune response, consciousness and total well-being.

Device Name: Neurosky

Description: ECG/EEG biosensors

Manufacturers Claims: ECG/EEG biosensors

Device Name: New Energy Vision (Oldfield)

Description: biofield imaging

Manufacturers Claims: analyzes different light intensities reflected from person or object

Device Name: New Energy Vision Camera

Description: software based biofield imaging

Manufacturers Claims: View live-streaming video to reveal real-time subtle interference patterns not normally visible to the naked eye. Update to polycontrast interference photography

Device Name: non-thermal repetitive electromagnetic field shock

Description: PEMF rejuvenation

Manufacturers Claims: The technology of applying certain beneficial EMF energy to the human body to stimulate the natural stress response and activate the repair and maintenance systems is a new strategy for engineered negligible senescence.

Device Name: Nova Pro 100

Description: sound, light therapy

Manufacturers Claims: With more AVS stimulation sessions, more storage and more new features, the Nova Pro 100 is the latest in what Light & Sound Technology can offer. 100 relaxation, meditation, sleep, learning, energizing, visualization, entertainment and specialty performance sessions, and room for 100 more.

Device Name: Novocure TTF

Description: tumor treating fields low amplitude

Manufacturers Claims: Tumor Treating Fields uses alternating electric fields specifically tuned to target cancer cells. Once the electric fields enter the cancer cell, they attract and repel charged proteins during cancer cell division.

Device Name: Nu|Vision

Description: subtle energy diagnosis

Manufacturers Claims: Nu|Vision is a Ênew software matching tool based on Holographic Scaling Technology.Ê We realize the power of synergy, therefore we work in cooperation with organizations that have expert knowledge in theirÊrespectiveÊfields.ÊWe utilize Scaling Technology in the engine behind Nu|Vision, this isÊbased on the latest Quantum technology empowered by Scalin.

Device Name: Oberon System Quantum

Description: biofeedback

Manufacturers Claims: The device works on the principle of amplification of the iniciated signals with the disintegration of metastable structures. By influencing external electromagnetic fields the magnetic moments of the molecular currents in the centers of the cortex nerve cells are loosing their authentic orientation. This causes faulty adjustment of eddy structures of delocalized electrons which lead to formation of unstable metastable states. Disintegration of such state acts as iniciated signal. Expressed physically this device is system of the electronic oscillator which oscillates at appropriate wavelength of electromagnetic radiation. Its energy corresponds to the energy that degrades dominant bonds that maintain structural organization of biological objects in a good condition.The device can cause a bioelectric aktivity of the brain cells so it is possible to selectively amplify signals in the background, which compared to static currents, are hard to detect. Information concerning specific temporal condition of organs and tissues are gathered on the basis of non-contact sensor that was developed using modern information technology and infrasonic circuits. This sensor reveals hardly detectable fluctuation of signals, which are filtered from sound fields and subsequently converted into a digital sequence where they are processed by a microprocessor and, using the interface cable, transferred to a computer.

Device Name: Oberon/Introspect (Thomas Aksnes)

Description: bioresonance, electrical stimulation, magnetic stimulation, sound, light

Manufacturers Claims: The Oberon system assesses fluctuating wave characteristics of body tissue, individual cells and chromosomes. The client is scanned by the Oberon using a pair of headphones which emit a range of frequencies of magnetic fields. The results of the Oberon scan are then compared to the resonant frequencies of all normal organs and common disease tissues in various stages of progression. The resonant frequencies of medications, allergens and foods are also scanned for comparison. The results of the comparison are then fed into the Oberon computer software programme (ÔMetapathiaÕ) where areas of significance are highlighted for the practitioner on a graphical physiological display.

Device Name: Oldfield Filter

Description: camera filter

Manufacturers Claims: The Oldfield Filter splits light into different frequency components which are seen in multiple colours. This set-up, in experienced and sensitive hands, can yield extraordinary images showing energy field effects and entities otherwise invisible. Harry Oldfield has termed the phrase Ôspiritual photonic interferenceÕ and uses the filter to investigate such phenomena. This theory has also to imply breaking the Ôlight barrierÕ, the scientific criterion that alleges that nothing can exceed the speed of light. Harry believes that in other universes the speed of light is different.

Device Name: Ondamed

Description: HRV biofeedback

Manufacturers Claims: ONDAMED is a battery-powered biofeedback device that a medical practitioner uses to determine which frequencies of sound, as well as the accompanying weak pulsed electromagnetic fields, cause a response in a patient’s autonomic nervous system. Temporary stimulation by these frequencies, combined with the patient’s cognitive and non-cognitive participation, promotes relaxation, muscle re-education, and various other prescription uses, such as pain relief, stress relief linked with reduction of inflammation and potential improvement of the immune system.

Device Name: Orgone Energy Accumulator

Description: orgone energy accumulator

Manufacturers Claims: ferromagnetic metals (galvanized sheet steel or steel-wool products)interlayered with insulators of a high-dielectricproperty (rough sheep’s wool blankets or wool-fluff,fiberglass materials, certain plastics such as styrene oracrylic felt, mason-board or fiber-board materials)

Device Name: Orgone Energy Blanket

Description: orgone energy blanket

Manufacturers Claims: multiple layers of steel-wool or steel-mesh

Device Name: Orgone Field Pulser

Description: orgone energy generator

Manufacturers Claims: The OFP is a durable, simple, experimental generator of Scalar Electromagnetic Waves and Bioplasmic (Orgone) fields.

Device Name: Oska PEMF

Description: over-the-counter PEMF for pain

Manufacturers Claims: Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) boost the body’s ability to repair injured cells to relieve all types of pain:

Device Name: OsteoPad MaxiMat

Description: Osteopad

Manufacturers Claims: The invention comes from the patented, medical and clinical research into electrotherapy, biomagnetics, bioelectromagnetics, sports performance enhancement, medical electricity and electromedicine. Particularly, this product involves the novel implementation of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) for those suffering from osteoarthritis, osteopenia or osteoporosis.

Device Name: Oura

Description: biomarker sensing ring

Manufacturers Claims: Infrared optical pulse measurement. 3D accelerometer, gyroscope and body temperature sensor. Connects and syncs to mobile device using Bluetooth Low-Energy Smart.

P-T Biofield Technology & Devices

Device Name: Papimi

Description: high-field PEMF

Manufacturers Claims: 35-80 J/pulse, 1×10-6 sec wave duration, 35-80 x 10-6 W wave power, short duration bipolar PEMF pulsed 750 kHz, 12.5 mT, rise time 0.1 µs, fall time 10 µs, repetitive frequency of 3-8 Hz.

Device Name: Parasite Zapper & Colloidal Silver/G

Description: electrical water imprinting

Manufacturers Claims: The Parasite Zapper is the latest advancement of the concepts and recent research of Dr. Hulda Clark as specified in her latest book The Cure for All Disease. It converts Dr. Clark’s Wormwood Herbal Combination into vibrational energy frequencies which her research has shown devitalize and destroy parasites in the body.

Device Name: PAT, H-PAT

Description: sound therapy from loudspeakers

Manufacturers Claims: PAT Transitional Psycho-Acoustic sessions are completely defined from a physical-mathematical point of view and constitute a scientific methodology of intervention on the subject based on listening to a microsynchronized sound in one point, emitted by four speakers controlled by the software-system AVS audio.

Device Name: PES Aligning Device

Description: energy clearing

Manufacturers Claims: Aligns personal energies by supporting continuous energy flow in an up/down, right/left, diagonal (right to left and left to right) and front/back directions.

Device Name: PES Balancing Device

Description: energy clearing

Manufacturers Claims: Aligns personal energies by supporting continuous energy flow in an up/down, right/left, diagonal (right to left and left to right) and front/back directions.

Device Name: PES Calm Emotions Device

Description: energy clearing

Manufacturers Claims: Balances individuals by finding their energetic center and rebalancing their energetic system around a focal point of balance and stability

Device Name: PES Clearing Device C2

Description: energy clearing

Manufacturers Claims: Calms emotions by deactivating and eliminating emotional triggers (that cause one to stay stuck, blocked or in a loop)and stabilizing personal energies.

Device Name: PES Clearing Device C3

Description: energy clearing

Manufacturers Claims: Clears by unblocking personal energies, transmuting released energies and supporting continuous energy flow in the physical body and energetic system.

Device Name: PES Grounding Device

Description: energy clearing

Manufacturers Claims: Clears by streamlining incoming and outgoing energies to prevent individualsÕ personal energies from becoming overwhelmed.

Device Name: PES Protection Device

Description: energy clearing

Manufacturers Claims: Grounds by dispersing excess energies, redirecting personal energies in a downward and inward direction, and supporting continuous energy flowin the physical body and energetic system.

Device Name: Phi Pyramid

Description: EMF geopathic stress protection

Manufacturers Claims: This stunning glass Pyramid (modelled on the dimensions of the Great Pyramid in Egypt) has an Energydots spaceDOT visibly embedded at its centre. The spaceDOT is a low powered Magnet programmed with a high vibration natural energy. The Pyramid will grace any room while harmonising the spatial energy around it. It has an effective working radius of approximately ninety metres.

Device Name: Philip Stein watches and sleep bracelets (NexQuest)

Description: personal/EMF protection

Manufacturers Claims: Protects personal energies by strengthening personal boundaries, supporting continuous energy flow and connecting individuals to their personalcenter.

Device Name: Photon Sound Beam

Description: Electrical & Radiowave Plasma Tubes, Dual-Oscillating RF Sound Probe

Manufacturers Claims: The Essential Photon Sound Beam provides a nourishing and deeply penetrating bio-electrical energy field which moves the lymph and dis-associates congested cells and protein matter in the body. It opens up all the energy and information channels to relieve congestion. All dis-ease can be attributed to the congestion of energy flow due to the blockages created by toxins in the body.

Device Name: Photon Sound Beam

Description: Electrical & Radiowave Plasma Tubes, Dual-Oscillating RF Sound Probe

Manufacturers Claims: The Essential Photon Sound Beam provides a nourishing and deeply penetrating bio-electrical energy field which moves the lymph and dis-associates congested cells and protein matter in the body. It opens up all the energy and information channels to relieve congestion. All dis-ease can be attributed to the congestion of energy flow due to the blockages created by toxins in the body.

Device Name: Polycontrast Interference Photography

Description: biofield imaging

Manufacturers Claims: analyzes different light intensities reflected from person or object

Device Name: Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) Biofield Imaging

Description: biofield imaging

Manufacturers Claims: converts luminosity to color gradient

Device Name: PREMIER Jr 500, 300, 200

Description: Tesla coil and Rife therapy combined

Manufacturers Claims: Comes with 1-4 Noble gas tubes: Large Mushroom, Y-shaped, small Mushroom and Comb, which is ideal for treating the scalp for hair regrowth, and treatment of the fingers and toes. It transfers High Voltage but very low current electrons directly through the skin. Using either of these noble gas tubes contacting the skin and electrified to 40,000 volts, the person will receive antioxidant electrons into the body tissues.ÊStudiesÊ have shown that they directly neutralize free radicals and regenerate nerves. It is also noted for relieving pain as it aids in repair of organs and joints. ComesÊ also with a high impact carrying case and a Potent Tesla Coil.

Device Name: Prioré device

Description: PEMF/plasma tube therapy

Manufacturers Claims: Priore worked for 25 years (between 1950 and 1975) in Bordeaux, and built a series of electromagnetic devices producing a strong magnetic field of 600 gauss (60 mT) or more for the purpose of treating cancer and disease. Heresay: the second, more powerful PriorŽ machine produces a magnetic field of about 1,240 gauss.Ê According to one scientist, the machine contains a gas-filled vacuum tube, which contains a plasma of mercury and neon gas.Ê A pulsed 9.4 gigahertz electromagnetic wave is modulated onto a 17 megahertz wave in this plasma.Ê,-the-french–rife-.html

Device Name: Prognos

Description: electro-acupuncture diagnostic

Manufacturers Claims: PROGNOS belongs to the methods of electro-puncture diagnostics (EPD), i.e. based on the collection of the electrophysiological properties of the skin in the area of the acupuncture points (AP), various aspects of the state of health are evaluated. Nowadays, modern measuring methods of PROGNOS enable to apply the model of the organism which is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) successfully in the doctor’s practice as well as in research.

Device Name: Psyleron Mind Lamp

Description: lamp colors based upon operator intention

Manufacturers Claims: The Psyleron Mind Lamp is a color-changing ambient device that can respond to your conscious or subconscious mind. Inside the lamp is a quantum measurement device called a random event generator, or REG. The REG controls the relative mixtures of an internal LED’s primary colors: red, green, and blue. The mixtures result in the many vibrant and dynamic colors produced by the lamp.

Device Name: Psyleron REG-1

Description: random event generator with computer interface

Manufacturers Claims: package contains: The REG-1 Random Event Generator; Psyleron Reflector Software; Psyleron FieldREG Software; The Psyleron Basics Manual

Device Name: Psyleron REG-K keychain

Description: EMF portable random event generator with computer interface

Manufacturers Claims: The REG-K is a pocket-size random event generator. It consists of a button, two LED lights, and a quantum mechanical REG core.

Device Name: Psyleron Robot

Description: robot movements based upon operator intention

Manufacturers Claims: Inside the robot is a Psyleron-based random event generator.Ê The REG core controls the movement of the robot?forward, reverse, left, right, and pivot.Ê Because the REG is subject to the influence of consciousness, the movement of the robot can also be influenced by the mind.

Device Name: PTD (Thomas Aksnes)

Description: transcutaneous electrical stimulation

Manufacturers Claims: a proprietary miniature technology that addresses symptoms using programmed series of electromagnetic signals.

Device Name: Q1000 (Larry Lytle) Cold Laser/Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)Q

Description: laser

Manufacturers Claims: ndicted by the Justice Department. Power Level: 328mW to 64mW; Wavelength: 470-940nm

Device Name: QCT Quantum Code Technology

Description: subtle energy

Manufacturers Claims: proprietary frequencies no measurable electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic fields.

Device Name: Qi-technologies

Description: EMF protection

Manufacturers Claims: Selected light frequencies of the world’s best mineral springs create a field of pure life energy for humans, animals and plants. Within a radius of up to 150 meters tap water has the quality of medicinal spring water, food loses the harmful information of environmental toxins, the air is purified and electrosmog has no ill effects more. “The devices generate a torus field that is capable of producing structured water and thus life-giving electrons,” says Dipl.-Ing. Harald Thiers, one of the co-initiators of the invention.

Device Name: Qlink

Description: EMF protection, environment enhancement

Manufacturers Claims: Q-Link products are programmed with an array of natural frequencies that resonate with the body’s natural energy frequencies.

Device Name: QRS Quantron Resonance System

Description: PEMF therapy

Manufacturers Claims: QRS in all program levels include the following frequencies: 250, 500, 750, 1000 Hz, and red blood cells responsible for Ioneneinstrom isolation. Furthermore, uses the following frequencies: Basic Program: about 3 Hz and 22 Hz; Vitality Program: 9 Hz (from signal-related reasons) and 22 Hz; Relaxation program: 0.3 Hz and 1.5 Hz; plus a small amount of 10 Hz; Parasympathetic activation: 0.3 Hz; Delta area of the EEG: 1.5 Hz; Theta range of EEG: 3 Hz; The EEG alpha range: 10 Hz (“fair-weather frequenciesÓ); Beta range of EEG: 22 Hz.


Description: aura measuring

Manufacturers Claims: This instrument is  a light stimulator,  to activate energy. It can be used by health professionals or for personal use. The Quantacmos III is  used to Stimulate and sedate Acupuncture points, Open the energy centres (chakras), Reconnect Human energy Cosic & Earth channels, Soothe pain, Maintain and activate weak energy points at home, Energize food and water, supplements, vitamins…, Provide energetic balance for (travel, meetings, sleep, if placed on or near the body, Energetically clears rooms, buildings and areas, Energetically Cleanse, eye-glasses, jewellery, crystals and objects.

Description: bioinformation therapy

Manufacturers Claims: Quantec is an instrumental bioinformation equipment, which through the white noise diode can capture the subtle bodies and connect with the consciousness. It has been used as a direct interface between an information generator and the patient’s subconscious to perform treatment modifying altered patterns of functioning through change in the internal information of each individual

Device Name: Quantum Balance Crystal Mini Pendant

Description: crystal freqnecy therapy

Manufacturers Claims: The entire crystal is infused with beneficial and specific frequencies, which optimize the health and vital energy of all living beings including plants and animals.ÊOne of the frequencies infused is the acclaimed frequency of Love resonating at 528 Hz, along with other ancient Solfeggio Tones commonly used in healing and meditation practices. People who wear a QBC experience a process called Exponential Transformational Centering (ETC) that is characterized by an amazing feeling of calmness and being grounded.ÊSome of the many benefits of ETC that have been reported are improved balance, performance, strength, endurance, focus, clarity, better sleep, vitality, and an increased overall sense of well-being.ÊWhen worn consistently, the wearer effortlessly enjoys an expansion and stabilization of these benefits.

Device Name: Quantum Energy Audio

Description: EMF protection

Manufacturers Claims: Help balance the body from the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) in the environment wherever you go

Device Name: Quantum Life (Ryan Williams)

Description: electrical diagnosis

Manufacturers Claims: Quantum Technologies – How does it work? Lets take a look at quantum science from its beginnings to today and the future.Ê The word ÒquantumÓ is frequently applied to everything that might appear to be new or cutting edge technology. This is not the case for two reasons, firstly because quantum theory is nowÊ almost one hundred years old, and secondly because Ð when asked Ð most people who use this word might not be able to explain why they use it.

Device Name: Quantum Necklace

Description: encoded sound therapy

Manufacturers Claims: Quantum Energy Audios are energetically encoded audios which feature the amplified energetic signatures of various nutritional supplements and/or states of consciousness and thereby empower and unleash your human potential in ways that conventional brainwave and binaural beats entrainment cannot.

Device Name: Quantum Nutrition Products

Description: quantum nutrition

Manufacturers Claims: We have selected the top quality nutritional supplements in the world, and extracted their energetic essence to provide you with the best quantum nutritional compounds available. A one-time download provides you with a life-time supply of these amazing nutrients that are healing on every level. 

Device Name: Quantum Pulse

Description: novel PEMF therapy

Manufacturers Claims: The QuantumPulse uses a multi-wave oscillator and spectrum tubes containing noble and other gases to create frequencies that fall between the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum range. It also uses a coil to create high voltage and a subtle electromagnetic field. This combination produces biophotonic light. The electromagnetic field is used as a carrier to transmit the frequencies in a radius of approximately 6-8 feet around the machine. The new patented tuning capacitor sits atop the machine and produces alpha waves. The QuantumPulse produces a 90¡ phase shift between electrical and electromagnetic fields. The base of the machine is constructed of materials which block electrical fields, but allow electromagnetic fields to flow.

Device Name: Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyser

Description: electrophysiological diagnostic

Manufacturers Claims: The magnetic frequency and energy of human body are collected by holding the sensor, the data is compared with the reference quantum resonant spectrum of matter and recognizes deviations from the desired response to judge whether the sample waveforms are irregular from the standard data.

Device Name: Quantum Xrroid (QXCI) William C. Nelson

Description: biofeedback

Manufacturers Claims: The word Xrroid is defined as the testing of a person’s Electro Physiological Reactivity to thousands of substances at biological speeds. Biological speeds are defined as those approaching the ionic exchange speed of a persons’ electrical reaction to the items in their immediate environment. This is a speed of approximately 1/100 of a second. There have been occasions during the last decade when the device has been used incorrectly by repeatedly checking tests on the same day. This appears to be the work of overly suspicious minds. They will report back to us with dismay for even though the first results are always accurate the second or third results seem not to be. Often these reports come from those who cling to older technology or have ulterior motives and often the reports have not been checked.

Device Name: Quell

Description: transcutaneous electrical stimulation for pain

Manufacturers Claims:

Device Name: Quintchip

Description: informed metal chips for home therapy

Manufacturers Claims: The computer program QuintSpectrum or a QuintStation transmits vibration information to the QuintChip device. This in turn generates a strong magnetic field as a carrier medium for this vibration information. If now a QuintChip inserted into the programming gap of the device, transferred in our experience, the information from the carrier field on the chip. The QuintChip is thus energetically “shaped” and gives just this energetic information for a certain amount of time with its own magnetic field to the client.

Device Name: QuintStation

Description: PEMF therapy

Manufacturers Claims: Analyze energetic loads and appropriate similes with a simple, newly developed test procedure. The sophisticated assistance functions of the software QuintSpectrum save you a lot of time and effort and get you to the point quickly. The clear classification shows you in which of the areas environmental – organs – psyche the current priority lies and leads you to a deeper analysis of the respective leading area. The precision and validity of this analysis will surprise you. After completing the test, you can automatically create the right individual therapy vibration with just a few mouse clicks and apply it in a local, segmental or system therapy. Apply vibrations locally, segmentally and systemically. Connect up to seven applicators simultaneously to the QuintStation 525 and position them according to the priorities identified in the testing: Local: For acute injuries, pain, for the treatment of scars; Segmental: For organ therapy, diversion, herd; Systemic: For the treatment of blockages, energy build-up

Device Name: QuintStick

Description: PEMF therapy

Manufacturers Claims: our products do not shield E-smog, but they add a signal to the existing wave salad that helps the body cope better with the surrounding e-smog. Note: The QuintStick does not shield electromagnetic fields. Functional principle and effect of the QuintStick are not scientifically recognized.

Device Name: QuWave Personal Harmonizer

Description: EMF protection, environment enhancement

Manufacturers Claims: The QuWave products generate an Energy FieldÊwhich envelops and protects all objects within its reach. This is the high frequency Scalar Energy field. This Energy Field pulsates at the Earth’s Natural Frequency which gets your body back in sync and operating optimally. This is the low frequency Schumann Resonance wave. The Harmonizer allows our body to function at a high level of wellness because our body can function free from the influence of physical stress, EMFs, and pressure of today’s lifestyle. It allows our body to a perfect balance increasing the body’s healing ability.

Device Name: Radionics

Description: EMF/other therapy

Manufacturers Claims: Radionics (also called electromagnetic therapy (EMT)) is a form of alternative medicine that claims disease can be diagnosed and treated by applying electromagnetic radiation (EMR), such as radio waves, to the body from an electrically powered device

Device Name: Rauscher Pain Objectification Device

Description: eletrical diagnosis

Manufacturers Claims: Pain objectification device: ‘tricorder’ concept measures pain via frequency spectrum of body parts. Data unclear, but claimed in patent. Measurements made either during stimulation using electrodes on a distal location such as an arm, or by detecting sensory thresholds for application of a proprietary signal.

Device Name: Red Power Pouch

Description: energy therapy

Manufacturers Claims: The Power Pouch (necklace) harnesses the now higher energy in and around the body to provide it with an optimum center of gravity resulting in greater balance, increased strength and endurance, improved flexibility, and enhanced coordinatio

Device Name: Reflexograph

Description: energy necklace

Manufacturers Claims: The Power Pouch (necklace) harnesses the now higher energy in and around the body to provide it with an optimum center of gravity resulting in greater balance, increased strength and endurance, improved flexibility, and enhanced coordination.

Device Name: Reflexograph Biopulsar

Description: electro-stimulator with bio-feedback

Manufacturers Claims: The Biopulsar-Reflexograph is a biomedical measuring device, based on Eastern and Western alternative energy and medical science. The presentation of the body reflex-zones that are read by the hand sensor are displayed in different formats: dynamic biofeedback graphs of different organs in real time, dynamic total body aura, the organ aura, the chakra activity, etc.

Device Name: Regenesis Provant

Description: PEMF therapy

Manufacturers Claims: The Provant Therapy System is an electromagnetic medical device intended as an adjunctive treatment for post-operative pain and edema in superficial soft tissue.

Device Name: Remee

Description: light therapy for lucid dreams

Manufacturers Claims: Using gentle, customizable light signals, Remee not only increases dream recall and vividness, but helps unlock the world of lucid dreaming.

Device Name: Resonant Field Imaging

Description: biofield imaging

Manufacturers Claims: Resonant Field Imaging is an experimental electromagnetic measurement and imaging process. This new technology provides objective data and informative interpretations for all auras and bioenergy fields, and identifies the type and function of bioenergies present in specific regions of the human brain.


Device Name: Resopathy

Description: electrical conductivity and bioresonance

Manufacturers Claims: Using advanced biofeedback technology, Kimchi draws biological information by measuring the electrical conductivity of a point on the body. She then introduces various substances (ranging from vitamins and minerals to foods and tinctures) into circuit with the body, to see whether a particular substance increases (i.e., resonates with) or decreases the flow of the current. The unique data gathered in an organized structure brings bio-individuality to an entirely new level: on a particular person, at a particular moment in time, she can assess whether the body is in a state of harmony or imbalance, which remedies are most compatible, and even the recommended dosage.

Device Name: RFI

Description: radionics

Manufacturers Claims: The ultimate radionic instrument of its type featuring numerous possibilities

Device Name: Richard Hanbury – Sleepstarter

Description: light therapy

Manufacturers Claims: Wearable light therapy that helps PTSD, pain, insomnia patients fall asleep in 10 minutes without drugs.

Device Name: Rife Resonator

Description: Rife therapy

Manufacturers Claims: A Rife resonator is a generic name for basically a frequency generator that is able to generate square waves as well as to generate those frequencies identified by Dr. Royal Rife in the 1930s to destroy a wide range of bacteria, fungi and viruses and even cancerous cells. A “resonator” is used in resonance therapy. Regular sessions of resonance therapy is claimed to strengthen the body’s immunity system against infective deceases

Device Name: Russian Healing Blanket TMB-01

Description: healing blanket

Manufacturers Claims: The Therapeutic Multilayer Blanket TMB-01 is a combination of several specific membranes that together produce the desired integral therapeutic effect. The specifically designed film membrane inside the blanket prevents the patientÕs own electromagnetic emissions from dissipating outwards, converts these emissions and reflects them back. This effect redistributes the charge density and exerts the therapeutic action on the biologically active points of the body surface to correct possible faults in the systems controlling the overall homeostasis within the organism.


Device Name: Samvit Sound Technology

Description: sound therapy

Manufacturers Claims: We use our audio technology to direct your brain to the desired state of consciousness. You will experience a state of deep relaxation, but your mind will be aware and alert. As you listen to brainwave entrainment frequencies, your brain follows the sound patterns and creates the corresponding brainwave frequencies in a natural process called “entrainment.” Once your brain entrains to the binaural beat frequency, you are enhancing your own natural abilities by directly influencing the behavior of your mind, body and spirit.

Device Name: Scalar Wave Laser

Description: laser therapy

Manufacturers Claims: The Scalar Wave Laser can deliver much needed energy and electrons directly to ailing cells in record time. When ATP, which is the fuel that powers all functions in your body runs low, a vast majority of different systems may suffer. By using the Scalar Wave Laser the needed photons will be delivered to the ailing cells. The Mitochondria in these cells immediately converts photonic energy to ATP which then allows healing and rejuvenations to start.

Device Name: ScalarLight

Description: scalar wave therapy

Manufacturers Claims: Scalar Light can assist in clearing/rebalancing your negative energies so you can experience a more optimal state of behavioral and physical energetic wellness. You can experience improved sleep, mood, energy and regain your zest for life. Your pets are also welcome and do very well in our programs. Scalar Light can enhance nutritional status at the cellular level and even protect us from toxins and pathogens. Once the causative agents and negative energies are eliminated from your body, your body will begin its own healing process. You will begin to feel more vibrant and energy each day. Enjoy the immune-enhancing benefits for you and your family.

Device Name: Scenar Cosmodic

Description: PEMF with skin resistance feedback

Manufacturers Claims: We call COSMODIC devices the “second generation SCENARs”. COSMODIC ® became possible due to the implementation of multiple feedbacks. 46 feedback loops (instead of just 1 in SCENAR) allowed collecting a large amount of data about the body condition including the harmonics of the body’s healing reactions that were then directly amplified through micro-resonances

Device Name: Scenar Pain GeniePain

Description: transcutaneous electrical stimulation

Manufacturers Claims: The SCENAR enables practitioners to communicate directly with a clientÕs central nervous system, stimulating the natural adaptive processes of the body and nervous system so that the body can heal itself. The SCENAR sends electronic impulses through the nerve fibres, causing the brain to release a measured dose of the bodyÕs own powerful internal pharmacy of bio-active compounds directly to the site of pain.

Device Name: Scenar PEMF

Description: PEMF with skin resistance feedback

Manufacturers Claims: Self-Controlled Energo-Neuro-Adaptive Regulation. A feedback-based analog of a living system – self-controlling and self-regulating electronic “mirror” constantly adapting to the body and its needs and gently guiding and supporting it in its healing efforts. The shape of SCENAR impulses that resembles the shape of natural neuro-impulses. Device dynamically changing its signals in accordance with the feedback the device receives from the body. The feedback is read through the spontaneous changes in the electrical resistance of the skin (impedance) when the body responds to stimulation and does not involve any conscious efforts. The device signals will be changing as long as the body changes the local impedance and continues the “dialog”, which solves the problem of the body getting used to the stimulation and developing tolerance.

Device Name: SCENAR self-controlled energy neuro adaptive regulation

Description: skin resistance modulated electrical pain relief

Manufacturers Claims: The SCENAR (self-controlled energo-neuro-adaptive regulation) device reads the resistance level of the skin and, when it recognizes an injured or diseased area, it delivers a tightly controlled dose of electromagnetic radiation, which stimulates the production of regulatory peptides or neuroproteins and elicits a healing response

Device Name: Scenar solaris healing blanket

Description: healing blanket

Manufacturers Claims: SOLARIS Blanket as an ‘energy mirror’ focuses on ‘energy reflection’ and feedback. The SOLARIS Healing Blanket is a shield from any negative influence from the outside and does not accumulate any ‘outside’ energy. As per the body’s own unresolved issues – yes, any radiation that the body emits will be reflected back by the Blanket, including the EHF radiation with the frequencies of chronic pathologic processes.  ; multiple layers of metallic/dielectric

Device Name: SCIO

Description: electrical diagnosis

Manufacturers Claims: The Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System (SCIO) is an automatic, computer-operated non-invasive active therapeutic device that combines bioresonance and biofeedback fields for body analysis and energy balancing. It is a stress management system that measures electrophysiological reactions and patterns through a ÔharnessÕ of electro-magnetic electrodes attached to the head, ankles and wrists, which are catalogued, tabulated and fed back to the individual. The SCIO device utilizes transcutaneous voltammetric biofeedback technology, which consists of both hardware and software. The hardware consists of a digital interface box attached to the computer with electrodes attached to the wrists, ankles, and 8 on the forehead of the person (making up 12 transcutaneous carbon impregnated rubber electrode contact points). The software is a PC-based platform consisting of mathematical calculations and high-end graphics. The SCIO measures the body electric at 12 points to get geographic measures of EEG, EMG, ECG and GSR. It can get global measures of charge stability profile as well as the TVEP reactivity index. Aberrant profiles can be corrected using micro-current stimulation. The systems software is programmed to autofocus to the patientÕs body electric to reduce electro-stress and provide lifestyle advice Ð all of this to promote wellness and to educate the patient as to life healthy style choices. The SCIO is designed to correct the manifestation of stress and/or electro-stress patterns within the individual at the most primal of physiological levels. The device works on the theory that stress disrupts the inherent electromagnetic frequencies at which the bodyÕs cells, organs, etc. resonate and that by returning these frequencies to their natural state, the stress and any subsequent illness that occurred because of the disruption can be corrected. Studies have shown that people who are over-stressed produce different patterns of brain waves than do people who are not over-stressed, and that reversal of that stress, in particular through techniques such as biofeedback training that employ the individual in controlling their return to stress-free living, can result in the abnormal patterns becoming normal.The SCIO tunes into an individualÕs bodyÕs physiological stress levels so that this information can be used to control the physiology, and consequently affect a decrease in those stress levels, resulting in improved physical and emotional being.

Device Name: Seqex

Description: skin resistance modulated EMF therapy

Manufacturers Claims: Seqex is a magnetotherapy device that administers customized, controlled, pulsed or variable electromagnetic fields at extremely low intensities and frequencies either over the entire body or locally. It is used to treat disorders and diseases of the muscular and skeletal system.

Device Name: Shealy RejuvaMatrix(R) Solar Homeopathy Mattress and Tesla Coil

Description: therapeutic mattresses and mattress pads

Manufacturers Claims: The RejuvaMatrix Solar Homeopathy Mattress (RM) was developed to provide non-ultraviolet frequencies similar to those from the sun. It does not provide ultraviolet for producing vitamin D 3. Daily exposure to this energy may provide health and well-being benefits. As a CONVENIENCE TO CLIENTS, WE WILL ORDER THE Tesla coil for you from the manufacturer. (You are responsible for the cost of any maintenance and upkeep to the Tesla coil.)

Device Name: Shealy RelaxMate II

Description: subtle energy

Manufacturers Claims: The RelaxMate II uses a specific bandwidth of pulse frequencies and color chroma determined to be most effective in Dr. Shealy’s research. Uses theta frequency for the deepest relaxation and delta rhythm for entry to sleep.

Device Name: Shealy Sapphire Enhanced AdrenoScalar

Description: subtle energy

Manufacturers Claims: Shealy-Sorin Wellness development of scalar zero point energy, enhanced with sapphire, is the most effective stress reducing, health restoration approach known. Sapphire enhanced AdrenoScalarª appears to be the greatest health restorer discoveredÑassisting in reducing adrenomedullin, reducing free radicals, reducing inflammation, enhancing delta brain activity and improving immune function. I predict it will also regenerate telomeres.

Device Name: Shealy Sapphire Pouches Sapphire Pouches

Description: gemstone healing

Manufacturers Claims: Two ounces of crushed sapphire in a leather or cotton pouch to be worn over your chest. Intentionally imprinted to assist reduction of anxiety, depression and calcium in cardiac vessels.

Device Name: Shealy-Sorin Chakra Sweep PEMF Device

Description: PEMF therapy

Manufacturers Claims: Placing the Shealy-Sorin Chakra Sweep PEMF Deviceª near the head INCREASES gamma activity strikingly! The Shealy-Sorin Chakra Sweep PEMF Device™ sweeps all those natural frequencies from 5.83 Hz thru 56.83 Hz with Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field signals. The sweep frequency starts at 5.83 Hz and increases 1 Hz every 15 seconds thru 56.83 Hz. A full sweep completes every 12 minutes and 45 seconds and runs continuously.

Device Name: Silver Pulser

Description: microcurrent therapy

Manufacturers Claims: The Silver Pulser by SOTA offers the benefits of gentle microcurrents of electricity and also makes colloidal silver. The microcurrent stimulation helps the bodyÕs natural electricity for more energy and greater health, and Ionic Colloidal Silver is one of natureÕs germ fighters.

Device Name: Sleep Trackers (generic)

Description: sleep device

Manufacturers Claims: generic sleeptrackers list

Device Name: Sofpulse

Description: PEMF

Manufacturers Claims: SofPulse¨ uses targeted microcurrents to transmit gentle pulses to the tissue to help reduce swelling and speed up the natural recovery process. The low levels of microcurrent are completely safe and in fact, are 1000 times lower than those emitted by a mobile phone.

Device Name: Solfeggio Healing Tone Generator

Description: sound therapy

Manufacturers Claims: binaural/isochronic/monaural beat generators

Device Name: SomaDyne

Description: pain management device

Manufacturers Claims: Loren Zanier orthopedic-medicine pain management therapeutic machine

Device Name: Somniresonane Delta Sleeper

Description: sleep device

Manufacturers Claims: By mimicking the normal frequency patterns of the brain in the process of falling asleep, the SomniResonance® SR1 gently encourages the brain to fall asleep. Company cites TMS as example despite difference in field strengths and dB/dt.

Device Name: Soterix

Description: neuromodulation resaerch and clinical

Manufacturers Claims: “Soterix Medical is the world leader in non-invasive neuromodulation and integrated brain monitoring technology.”

Device Name: SpaceDOT

Description: EMF geopathic stress protection

Manufacturers Claims: he energy that spaceDOT continously radiates interacts resonantly with your environment to produce a powerful clearing harmonic. This harmonic re-energises and balances the area by the process known as entrainment. Symptoms like poor quality sleep, irritability, difficulty relaxing and headaches can all be helped by attending to your energetic environment.

Device Name: Spooky2 Scalar

Description: scalar wave therapy

Manufacturers Claims: Spooky2 Scalar is the first scalar treatment device to provide three different methods of transmitting healing scalar waves: pure scalar, molecular scalar and Rife scalar. The fields produced by Spooky2 Scalar are strong. We use analog circuitry to ensure a pure signal, and the signal can be either molecular or frequency modulated using low or high frequencies. According to many scientific studies, scalar energy benefits humans, animals and plants. Thousands of users have received relief from cancer, lyme, headaches, sleep disorders, skin problems, stress / anxiety, fatigue, parasites and other health problems.

Device Name: Subpack

Description: sound with haptics

Manufacturers Claims: tactile audio platform that combines hardware, software and advanced materials to deliver deeply immersive and nuanced bass with far more resolution and range than traditional speakers and headphones.

Device Name: Subtle Energy Mandalas

Description: sacred geometry

Manufacturers Claims: Easily improve your life by opening a simple picture on your computer, phone or tablet.

Device Name: Tachyon Energy Crystal Links

Description: healig crystals

Manufacturers Claims: Tachyon crystals refract 13 rays of light, the 13th being divine and perfect harmonic frequencies. Tachyon is resurrection power.

Device Name: Tennant BioModulator PLUS

Description: transcutaneous electrical stimulation

Manufacturers Claims: The Tennant Biomodulator PLUS is an advanced unit designed for long-lasting pain relief. The Tennant BioModulator¨ Plus has four advanced frequency sets, Assess, Ten-8, Infinity, and Automatic, and an easy to read, lightning fast processor with an illuminated assessment face which employs a series of LED lights. The face plate of the device includes a white, dotted curve inside the blue wave. This graphic helps the practitioner or private user monitor the process and progress for the therapeutic session.

Device Name: Tennant BioTransducer¨ Ruby CrystalWave Wand

Description: transcutaneous electrical stimulation with light

Manufacturers Claims: The Tennant BioTransducer¨ Ruby CrystalWave Wand is one of the main hand-held accessories for the Tennant BioModulator¨ that emits electro-magnetic pulses through a Red LED light to deliver a no-touch treatment through clothing. The device carries Dr. Tennant’s frequencies directly to the bone of the body.

Device Name: Tesla Lights

Description: Tesla coil healing

Manufacturers Claims: Tesla coil connected to plasma tubes

Device Name: Tesla Purple Energy Shield

Description: sacred geometry

Manufacturers Claims: Balances health via electro-magnetic fields

Device Name: Tesla Purple Energy Shield

Description: EMF protection, etc

Manufacturers Claims: The Tesla Purple Energy Shieldª outer shell is made of aluminium, which is first anodized (electrolytic oxidation) and then colored. The spin of the atoms and electrons of the aluminium is thus changed in such a way, that The Tesla Purple Energy Shieldª is said to vibrate in resonance with the fundamental energy (Chi, Prana, Orgon) of the universe.

Device Name: Tesla Stym

Description: EMF therapy

Manufacturers Claims: high amplitude low frequency: max 2.5 Tesla, 1-160Hz

Device Name: Teslar watch

Description: EMF, subtle energy

Manufacturers Claims: embedded with the unique Natural Frequency Technology which harnesses beneficial frequencies of the Earth associated with improved sleep cycles and channels them to your body.

U-Z Biofield Technology & Devices

Device Name: Veda EHF

Description: extremely high frequency therapy

Manufacturers Claims: VedaEHF device is designed for providing healing and health-improving effect on biologically active points (BAP) and zones by extremely high frequencies (EHF). The device has three modes: universal 5-minute mode (for influencing BAPs), universal 10-minute mode (for reflex zones and vessels projection exposure), and a unique natural resonant radiation (NRR) mode, which provides energoinformational effect (electronic homeopathy).

Device Name: Vedapulse

Description: HRV diagnostic

Manufacturers Claims: HRV diagnostics – maps to several indigienous medical systems

Device Name: Vegacheck

Description: Voll electroacupuncture

Manufacturers Claims: Vega machines are a type of electroacupuncture device used in Vega testing, which proponents claim can diagnose allergies and other illnesses

Device Name: VIBE (Gene Koonce) 

Description: Vibrational Integrated Bio-Photonic Energizer (VIBE).

Manufacturers Claims: The VIBE Machine works on five different levels by using a medium electromagnetic field. In this field, a high voltage pulse is added along with ozone. The charge is placed at a negative voltage which is being transmitted to an antenna designed to twist the magnetic field. It is then routed through noble and inert gases. These gases are in a plasma state, varying in frequencies which relate to human cellular frequencies. Plasma is found between the protons and electrons of all cells in the human body. By oscillating this plasma state, the cells are energized. Disease (dis-ease) is a state found in non-vibrating, non-charged, or non-energized cells.É.you do the math. The VIBE Machine brings the vibrational level of your body back to its natural state of being.    

Device Name: VIBE 3.1

Description: light therapy

Manufacturers Claims: The new VIBE System from Bioharmonic Technologies gives you access to the most primal levels of your nervous system and human physiology creating access to easily relax, meditate, activate, detoxify, transform, restore, recover, balance, ground, release and harmonize yourself and others.

Device Name: VibroDome

Description: sacred geometry

Manufacturers Claims: This sacred geometrical structure will house advanced vibrational sound therapy technology created by Dr. Steven Schwartz and Bioharmonic Technologies.   Come immerse yourself in a multi-sensory experience of sound, light, frequency and vibration to harmonize, energize, activate, detoxify and transform the most primal essence of your being.

Device Name: Vielight

Description: light therapy

Manufacturers Claims: Our transcranial and intranasal photobiomodulation technology have a global footprint. Vielight devices are used by the US Veterans Affairs, major universities and individuals from all walks of life. We are heavily invested in furthering research within the field of photobiomodulation.

Device Name: Vilistus Mind Mirror

Description: neurofeedback

Manufacturers Claims: brainwave training and research tool that enables awakened mind practitioners and researchers to guide people to the meditation, awakened mind, and evolved mind brainwave patterns identified by consciousness pioneers C. Maxwell Cade and his successor, Anna Wise.

Device Name: Vital Force Technology (Yuri Kronn)

Description: subtle energy

Manufacturers Claims: The Infusion system generates, records, stores, and reproduces subtle subatomic energy with 100% accuracy. Utilizing proprietary technology and a unique subtle energy formula infusion system, invented by the owner of Vital Force Technology, it is possible to generate, record, store and transmit the subtle energy patterns which distinguishes the process from all other quantum technologies and all other competitors in the industry. New products can be made that incorporate energy of any element in the periodic table, including rare and expensive elements, while circumventing any potential side effects produced by the elementsÕ chemical counterpart. The unique process cannot be duplicated and truly enhances the product infused. In addition to the advanced technology, there are professional facilities with expert scientific researchers, experienced consultants and actual proven results.

Device Name: WaveMaker pro (HCNI)

Description: sound therapy

Manufacturers Claims: This sacred geometrical structure will house advanced vibrational sound therapy technology created by Dr. Steven Schwartz and Bioharmonic Technologies.   Come immerse yourself in a multi-sensory experience of sound, light, frequency and vibration to harmonize, energize, activate, detoxify and transform the most primal essence of your being.

Device Name: Wellbe

Description: personal stress monitor

Manufacturers Claims: The WellBe app monitors your heart rate and uses a patent pending algorithm to determine your stress and calmness levels based on time, location and the people you meet throughout your day.

Device Name: Wellness Blanket

Description: sound, light, “vibration”

Manufacturers Claims: The WaveMaker picks up and processes the ultra-fine electromagnetic oscillations of everything in the body. It can either invert them to cancel out unwanted resonances or amplify them to strengthen and optimize desirable resonances.

Device Name: WinAura

Description: EMF protection/therapy

Manufacturers Claims: Debug patterns of conditioning, habits, traumas, negative emotional states. Cancel-out energy patterns of toxins, pathogens, drug residues, allergies, addictions instantly. Upgrade and optimize positive states

Device Name: YBRAIN

Description: noninvasive brain stimulation, EEG measurement

Manufacturers Claims: MINDD SCAN visualize brain activity to help patients understand what the doctor is explaining more easily. Through regular analysis, patients and doctors can communicate. MINDD STIM provides brain activity control based new treatment without systemic side effects. It also can be used together with general treatment if necessary.

Device Name: Zyto

Description: electrophysiological diagnostic

Manufacturers Claims: The ZYTO bioscan relies on galvanic skin response (GSR)—an established technology that measures fluctuations in electrical conductivity of the skin. One familiar application of GSR is lie detector testing. The ZYTO Hand Cradle measures the user’s galvanic skin response and sends that data directly to the ZYTO software for analysis. The GSR data is correlated and compared with Virtual Items in the software database. Each Virtual Item represents a different physical item. Every time the software introduces a Virtual Item, a corresponding GSR reading is taken by the Hand Cradle. Each new response is measured and tracked in comparison to the GSR baseline reading. ZYTO’s proprietary software analyzes GSR data for patterns of coherence—looking for the ways your GSR readings fluctuate or shift in response to each Virtual Item. While tracking the GSR data in comparison with each Virtual Item, ZYTO software assigns each Virtual Item a positive or negative value based on the coherence patterns. Positive values indicate Virtual Items that the body is biologically coherent with. An easy-to-read report is generated that displays a ranking of the Virtual Items that resulted in greater biological coherence. The report can then be used to assist individuals as they make choices to maintain overall health and wellness. We call this whole process biocommunication.

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