What We Do

What We Do

CHI actualizes its mission to accelerate the science and practice of consciousness and healing via Transdisciplinary ResearchEducation and Outreach, and Technology Innovation.

Transdisciplinary Science

We believe that a deeper understanding of consciousness, healing and, most importantly, the relation between them, will produce major advances for humankind in both science and in healthcare. Successful research into complex phenomena such as consciousness and healing can best be accomplished in a transdisciplinary approach that involves a broad variety array of visionary scientists and healthcare practitioners. As a “collaborative accelerator”, CHI facilitates innovative research and dialogue across scientific disciplines, to deepen our understanding of how consciousness and healing each impact the other. Read about our recent activities in the area of biofield science and healing here.

Education and Outreach

Engaged Knowledge Translation

  • Our Resources page provides practical, evidence-based information for patients, scientists, healthcare practitioners and the general public. Content includes:
    • Videos and other multimedia from field experts,
    • Infographics explaining current state of the evidence,
    • Links to credible sources of scientific information, vetted and curated by CHI Scientists.
  • Live Events: CHI offers public summits to share the science and practice of healing. These summits are attended by a diverse group of people, including healthcare providers, scientists, artists, social entrepreneurs, and educators.
  • Speakers Bureau: CHI’s network of members serve as a source for highly regarded, qualified speakers who can share the science and the experience of consciousness-based practices for specific venue needs. If you are in search of an expert speaker, contact us and we will facilitate a connection.

Healing For the Underserved

CHI and its networks share a common mission is to provide healing to all societies, especially those who are in greatest need. CHI helps facilitate healing services for communities most in need through its collaborative organizations, and helps practitioners gather metrics for their practices so that they may further scale their programs.

Embodied Learning

CHI facilitates in-person and online experiential educational programs in consciousness, health, and well-being, for a science-based, transformative, and embodied integration of consciousness practices for well-being. These programs are appropriate for a wide variety of participants in diverse sectors, and are useful to who wish to enhance their knowledge of well being and improve their daily health. Contact us directly to tailor our program to your organization’s educational needs.

Technology Innovation

Biofield science explores the view that molecules, cells, and organs of living systems communicate via fields of energy and that information serves as an additional means of self-regulation to maintain health.1Advances in biofield science have resulted in a large number of innovative biofield technologies, including both diagnostic devices (to measure biofield properties) and therapeutic devices (to manipulate biofield interactions).2

Some of these biofield technologies, for example, electroencephalography (EEG), electrocardiology (ECG), and functional brain scanning, are now well-established in clinical practice and biomedical research and have contributed substantially to the study of consciousness. Other biofield technologies have solid scientific support, such as those using electromagnetic fields or electric currents for neuromodulation and bone/tissue repair, and are cleared by the FDA and other regulatory bodies for diagnostic and therapeutic uses.2 Also, a wide variety of unregulated biofield devices are currently marketed with widely varying levels of credible scientific evidence to support manufacturers’ claims, emphasizing the need for much further study.

CHI supports the advancement of biofield science. CHI recognizes that the mindful development and application of emerging technologies will help deepen our understanding of consciousness and healing and continue to benefit society through enhanced health and wellness.

CHI science and innovation teams work with companies and inventors to bring new ideas to fruition, both in terms of societal value and revenue generation in the rapidly growing markets for consciousness, healing and wellness technologies. Specific CHI activities and services within technology innovation include:

  • Corporate and inventor consultation, including “Landscape Mapping”, for particular areas/IP of interest within consciousness, healing and wellness
  • Device testing, validation, and comparison
  • API/SDK creation for wellness applications
  • Facilitating relationships between inventors and investors

Through these activities, CHI serves as a hub to aid inventors, scientists, and corporations to create and distribute technologies for health transformation.


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