Subtle Energy & Biofield Healing

Evidence, Practice, & Future Directions

The focus of our Subtle Energy and Biofield Healing Systems Mapping Project is to more effectively alleviate human suffering through the uptake of evidence-based healing practices. We have taken a systems change approach to identify the key levers of change that will help foster greater scientific understanding and practical uptake of biofield healing therapies. Our Systems Change Map visually describes the key domains in the subtle energy and biofield healing system and how fostering connections between domains could lead to increased use of evidence-based subtle energy and biofield healing modalities.

Please see below for the executive summary, report, and other great resources including free infographics and databases on the science and practice of healing. Click on the social links on the left to share these great reports and resources with others!

Subtle Energy & Biofield Healing Report

In this comprehensive report, we describe the current state of progress, constituents/stakeholders, and future directions in several key subtle energy and biofield healing domains. We also propose a Roadmap and Action Plan for advancing the field of subtle energy and biofield healing.

Subtle Energy & Biofield Healing Report Executive Summary
Subtle Energy & Biofield Healing Full Report
Subtle Energy & Biofield Healing Condensed Report
healing roadmap cover
Subtle Energy and Biofield Healing Roadmap and Action Plan
Subtle Energy and Biofield Healing Systems Change Map

To create these, we have:

  • Reviewed the work of over 400 existing researchers in prominent universities and research institutions in the US and worldwide, who have conducted and/or are keenly interested in biofield science.
  • Identified over 225 research organizations worldwide and over 125 healing organizations within the United States.
  • Assembled a library of ~ 6,200 publications in subtle energy and biofield healing.
  • More thoroughly reviewed and mapped a subset of 396 clinical studies of subtle energy and biofield healing modalities, which focus on effects of subtle energy and biofield healing modalities on health conditions.
  • Compiled a database over 280 biofield devices that are currently in use and being marketed to the public.
  • Convened an invitational Systems Mapping meeting on July 17, 2019 with 22 stakeholders to review progress, identify gaps and next steps, and co-create strategies for systems change based on the databases created and survey results.

Our overarching goal is to advance scientific understanding and increase acceptance of evidence-based subtle energy and biofield healing modalities as healthcare options. We welcome your feedback, ideas for corrections, additions or edits to these reports and resources, and opportunities for collaboration. Please contact us here.

Supported by The Walker Family Foundation, Emerald Gate Foundation and Tom Dingledine

Subtle Energy and Biofield Healing Report Resources

Additional Resources

Institute of Noetic Sciences: Brief Reviews of Subtle Energy and Biofield Healing Modalities – Updated as of 2015


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