Play with the Data! Do non-touch healing modalities actually work? What does the scientific evidence say? This dynamic infographic shows you the results of a systematic review which compiled studies together to help show you what the data actually say about the clinical effects of non-touch healing modalities. Click on the boxes on the left to filter and play with the data, and click the circles themselves to access each individual paper!
<div class="contentbox"> <!-- Wayne's code --> <div class="scaleable-wrapper"> <div class="inforgraphic-card"> <div class="inforgraphic-header"> <h4>Nontouch Biofield Therapy</h4> <p>A Systematic Review of Human Randomized Controlled Trials Reporting Use of Only Nonphysical Contact Treatment</p> <a class="download-biofield-pdf" href="/media/viz/pdf/NonphysicalContact.BFT.14.pdf" target="_blank">Download Article</a> </div> <div class="inforgraphic-sidebar"> <ul class="inforgraphic-stages"> <li id="database-search" class="active">1. Medical Database Search</li> <li id="qualified-studies">2. Qualified Studies</li> <li id="study-quality">3. Study Quality</li> <li id="systematic-review-results">4. Systematic Review Results</li> <li id="treatment-type-group">5. Treatment Types</li> <li id="comparison-group-group">6. Mimic Group Comparison</li> <li id="treatment-duration-group">7. Treatment Duration</li> <li id="age-group">8. Age</li> <li id="gender-group">9. Gender</li> </ul> </div> <div class="inforgraphic-main"> <div id="inforgraphic-description"></div> <div id="d3"> </div> </div> <div class="inforgraphic-disclaimer">Please note that the individual clinical trials of Biofield Therapies included in this review were pilot studies of 50 or fewer participants per group. As such, the results of these trials represent trends and should not be considered definitive in terms of health claims.</div> </div> </div>
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