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By Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.
  • Geomagnetic Activity
October 9, 2018

The Influence of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity on Human Heart Rhythms by Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.

Did you know geomagnetic and solar activity can affect your autonomic nervous system (ANS), which controls your breathing, heartbeat and digestive processes? It’s true: A recently published long-term study whose researchers included HeartMath Institute’s Rollin McCraty and Mike Atkinson, reached that conclusion.

“These findings,” the study states, “support the hypothesis that these energetic environmental factors act as energy sources that outplay in different ways depending on an individual’s health status and maturity level and capacity of self-regulation.”

By Julie Yau, PhD
  • Healing,
  • Trauma
September 26, 2018

Body Awareness as a Gateway to Healing Trauma by Dr. Julie Yau

This workbook presents a comprehensive scientific and spiritual approach to healing trauma that invites readers to access the power of the body as a way to build a capacity for self-regulation
and emotion regulation as they move from post-traumatic stress toward post traumatic growth, and transform the dark side of trauma into body awareness, spiritual expansion, and a greater
sense of vital aliveness and joy.

By Gaetan Chevalier, PhD
  • Grounding
August 11, 2018

Healing with the Earth: Benefits of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth’s Electrical Activity

Dr Chevalier’s work suggests that the simple act of re-connecting ourselves to the natural electricity of our planet can help reduce stress, and improve blood dynamics. Could spending more time electrically connected with the Earth provide safe and simple way to help reduce cardiovascular risk and cardiovascular events? How does earthing work? What are the consequences of being disconnected from natural electric and magnetic fields? How valid are concerns that living chronically disconnected from the Earth’s natural electricity may underlie many of today’s stress-related illnesses?

By Tiffany Barsotti, Paul Mills, Deepak Chopra
  • Grace,
  • Karma
June 4, 2018

From Karma to Grace: Moving Beyond the 4 Archetypes of Survival

Millions of people have adopted some plan for personal growth, depending on the goals they set for themselves. Some people want to be happier, others closer to God; some have committed themselves to find enlightenment, which would be alien to someone else trying to escape suffering and self-defeat. So what part can modern psychology play?


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