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October 2020

Mantram Repetition:

Mind-Body-Spiritual Practice for Self-Care

Guest Speaker: Jill E. Bormann, PhD, RN, FAAN

FRIDAY, October 2nd, 2020; 11AM – 12PM PT (2PM – 3PM ET)

Mantram Repetition: Mind-Body-Spiritual Practice for Self-Care

Nursing is a discipline that cares for the “whole person” and embraces a bio-psycho-social-spiritual perspective. Jill Bormann, PhD, RN, PhD, a psychiatric mental health nurse with an interest in spiritual wellbeing, has dedicated the past 20 years of her career developing and conducting research on the “Mantram Repetition Program.” It is an educational, experiential, skills-training intervention with aims of 1) choosing and using a mantram, 2) slowing down thoughts and behaviors, and 3) developing one-pointed attention for symptom and stress management. It can be practiced anywhere and at any time, making it practical and sustainable.

For a brief description see:

In this Webinar, Dr. Bormann will take us on a journey on the origin and research on the Mantram Repetition Program.

Presentation Objectives:

1. Describe the origins of the “Mantram Repetition Program.”
2. Outline similarities and differences between mantram repetition and other types of mantra practices.
3. Highlight some research findings of the Mantram Program in selected groups.

Jill E. Bormann, PhD, RN, FAAN

Dr. Bormann is a health scientist, psychiatric mental health nurse, consultant, speaker and clinical professor in the school of nursing at the University of San Diego. Her research and clinical interests are in the areas of mental health, integrative and complementary therapies, and spiritual well-being. Dr. Bormann has led a 20-year program of research on the therapeutic outcomes of the “Mantram Repetition Program (MRP)” in various populations. Her published research describes the efficacy of mantram repetition on stress, quality of life, and spiritual well-being in veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), health care workers with burnout, family caregivers of patients with dementia, HIV patients with anger and spiritual distress, and homeless women with insomnia. For more information, see jillbormann.com.

Bormann is also a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing and in 2017 her work on the Mantram Repetition Program was designated as an innovative “Edge-Runner” by the American Academy of Nursing. 

Webinars Library

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Transforming Trauma

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Julie Yau, PhD

September 2018

Information from the “Field”

Guest Speaker:
Eileen McKusick &
Dr. Richard Hammerschlag


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