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November 2020

Tuning the Human Biofield:

Novel Approaches to Researching Biofield Tuning

Guest Speakers: Dr. Richard Hammerschlag & Eileen McKusick

FRIDAY, November 6th, 2020; 11AM – 12PM PT (2PM – 3PM ET)

Tuning the Human Biofield: Novel Approaches to Researching Biofield Tuning

Our featured guests, CHI Research Director Dr. Richard Hammerschlag and Biofield Tuning founder Eileen McKusick will bring us up-to-date on the findings of their recent research study on Biofield Tuning.

The CHI research team partnered with the Biofield Tuning Institute on a study designed to understand whether biofield practitioners can accurately and reliably sense similar information in the energy field surrounding the body. This was done by investigating whether 3 practitioners agree on the location of perturbations of 10 volunteers at 4 sites in the biofield.

Their findings were recently published in an article, Inter-Rater Agreement of Biofield Tuning: Testing a Novel Health Assessment Procedure.

Dr. Richard Hammerschlag and Eileen McKusick discuss how the “Tuning the Human Biofield” research study came about. Excerpted from CHI’s September 2018 webinar “Information from the Field: Healer and Scientist Perspectives on the Biofield”

What did the researchers and healers learn while engaging in this research study?  

How does this study inform our understanding of Biofield Tuning and how it interacts with the human Biofield? 

How will these findings impact the next research study?

Dr. Hammerschlag and Eileen will present the importance of their findings and what they may mean for future research. Additionally, they will discuss how the healer’s perspectives and understandings of their healing practice plays a critical role in the research process and how important these partnerships can be to advancing the science and understanding of healing. 

Dr. Shamini Jain and Eileen McKusick will also reveal their new and exciting research study looking at the impact of Biofield Tuning and anxiety.

Presentation Objectives:

  1. Describe the Interrater Agreement Biofield Tuning Study’s research methods 
  2. Present the research study’s findings 
  3. Highlight the importance of the Researcher-Healer Partnership when embarking on novel research studies 
  4. Describe the next research study on Biofield Tuning for anxiety 


Eileen Day McKusick

Eileen, a dynamic and inspiring speaker, presents internationally on Biofield Tuning, Biofield Science, therapeutic sound, consciousness, the role of electricity and plasma in the universe and our bodies, and human health and potential.  She has presented at numerous conferences in the US and abroad. Eileen is the author of the best-selling, Nautilus award-winning book, Tuning the Human Biofield, which is based on her Academic Excellence Award-winning Master’s Thesis, Exploring the Effects of Audible Sound on the Human Body and Its Biofield. She is currently working on her second book detailing the new paradigm of electro-sonic cosmology. Eileen is also the founder of the Biofield Tuning Institute, a Vermont based 501(c)3 non-profit, which is currently undertaking a research project partnered with the consciousness and Healing Initiative, CHI, to apply the scientific method to the Biofield Anatomy Hypothesis.  For more information about the research of the Biofield Tuning Institute, click here.

Richard Hammerschlag

Richard HammerschlagRichard’s initial research career in neurobiology was based at the Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope, Duarte CA, where he served as Associate Chair, Division of Neurosciences. His second research career, in acupuncture and CAM, led him to Portland OR, where he was Dean of Research at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. He served as co-president of the Society for Acupuncture Research and is an Executive Editor of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Since his ‘retirement’, he has pursued an interest in Biofield Physiology, as an Institute Scholar of The Institute for Integrative Health (Baltimore, MD) and as Director of Research for the Consciousness and Healing Initiative (San Diego, CA)

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