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January 2022


Guest Speaker: Grace Sesma

FRIDAY, January 14, 2022; 11AM – 12PM PT (2PM – 3PM ET)

We are privileged to have Curandera, Educator and CHI Healing Practitioners Council member, Grace Sesma, as our featured guest and look forward to learning about Curanderismo along with cultural ways to remain grounded, healthy, resilient, and connected.

As holistic approach to wellness, Curanderismo is a weaving of Mexican ancestral healing traditions that help heal body, mind, heart, and spirit that has been used in the Americas for hundreds of years.

In Curanderismo, it is believed that disease is caused by social, emotional, physical, environmental, and spiritual factors. Today it continues to be used by people from all walks of life: from health care professionals, physicians, psychologists, teachers, students, activists, to homemakers, either alone or as an adjunct to your doctor’s conventional medical interventions.

Curanderismo can address a wide array of situations, including:


  • Helping to decrease the debilitating side-effects of chemotherapy in those suffering from cancer
  • Addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of facing potentially life-threatening illness
  • Chronic long-term stress of anxiety and depression
  • Providing emotional and spiritual support for women who have experienced a miscarriage or termination of a pregnancy
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder such as that experienced by returning veterans, activists, victims of sexual trafficking, and law enforcement officers

Grace Sesma

Dr. Helané Wahbeh

A curandera with decades of experience, Grace believes in and encourages a thoughtful inclusion of traditional Indigenous healing practices alongside a doctor’s conventional medical treatments. Rather than an either/or approach, she seeks to educate health care providers about Mexican Indigenous healing ways so that practitioners of Western allopathic medicine may become attuned to the cultural needs of their Mexican and Indigenous patients, as well as the inclusion of cultural practitioners (curanderas/os and Native traditional healers) as part of a multidisciplinary treatment team approach in order to address the whole person: body, emotions, mind, relationships, and spirit.

Grace Sesma is Mexican/Yaqui with ancestral Indigenous roots in Sonora and Baja California. Like many families in Mexico, her mother and tias (aunties) used cultural remedies to help keep their families healthy. She grew up experiencing the curing of empacho through the abdominal sobadas that her mother gave her and watching her auntie cure neighborhood children of mal de ojo and caida de mollera.  As a child she was particularly influenced by watching and listening to another tia, a curandera, share stories about helping neighbors and friends with various spiritual illnesses as well as to her uncle who was a well-known sobador and huesero, bonesetter. Being raised within cultural ways she understood from an early age how demanding the path of Curanderismo can be and that one must be truly called to these healing ways by Spirit. Although the ancestors visited her in dreams during childhood, it wasn’t until the mid-1990s after experiencing very clear warning dreams that failure to return to the traditional medicine ways of her family/ancestors would bring severe consequences (a story that she shares during some of her pláticas), that she formally undertook the study of Curanderismo and other healing traditions by undergoing rigorous training with healers in Baja California and the United States.


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