What can we discover at the intersection of the physical world we experience so readily and the less familiar world of bioelectric and subtle energies, consciousness and spirit?

Dr. Shamini Jain joins podcast host, Kelly Noonan Gores, as they discuss the science of the biofield and gives her perspectives on our collective emotional health. When we begin to apply the biofield perspective to research then we start exploring the science of interconnection. When we focus on increasing our mental, physical and spiritual health we can positively impact ourselves and others around us.

A growing number of scientists are exploring a new path — a true expansion of science joined with the global wisdom of spirituality. Dr. Jain rejects the “either-or” thinking that has placed conventional medicine at odds with so-called alternative methods—offering an integrated path based on sound science and personal empowerment. That empowerment leads people to seek out how they can best heal themselves and live joyful, meaningful lives.

About the Host

The HEAL Podcast is a continuation of the HEAL documentary and HEAL book. Kelly Noonan Gores, a passionate seeker on a mission to find out the true extent of human potential and healing, continues the conversation by interviewing leading doctors, scientists, spiritual teachers, and healers around the globe. She also interviews real people with remarkable healing stories who have turned around supposedly incurable diseases. So much more is possible when it comes to healing than we are often told by mainstream, conventional medicine. HEAL will inspire you with hope and empower you with knowledge, tools, awareness, and a strong belief that almost anything is possible when it comes to healing. A most powerful and intelligent healer resides within us all and the HEAL Podcast will teach us how to activate this innate healer within.

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