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Help us to bring the knowledge and practice of healing to its full fruition, transforming healthcare, self-care, and community care.

Together We Can Advance the Science & Practice of Healing!

The Consciousness and Healing Initiative leads humanity to heal ourselves by sharing and expanding the science of healing, as well as the practice of healing for a thriving society and planet.

Our Impact

CHI has impacted hundreds of thousands of people world-wide with our research and education projects, all of which foster deep collaborations between healers and scientists to bring forth new possibilities for humanity during these critical times.

Please view our 2023 Impact Highlights to learn more of what we’ve done this year, and what we’re excited to co-create for 2024!


Together, we can achieve:

  • Expanding High Quality Biofield Science Research
  • Broadening Public Awareness, Education and Integration of Evidence-Based and Evidence-Informed Healing Practices
  • Synergizing Healing Leaders for Systems Change

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“I’m an ER physician that found myself at a turning point. CHI has helped me and given me clarity for the direction I need and want to go. Thanks you with all my heart for this time to learn and love.”

CHI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (social profit) organization dedicated to uplifting healing and reducing suffering across our human family.

Any amount you choose to give to to CHI is tax-deductible. Our EIN number for your tax records is 82-3567961. 

We need your support to achieve our impact for 2024, including our research, councils management, online free education, and the Energy that Heals Documentary!

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“As someone who is working on many levels to heal cancer, I found a wealth of information that can resource me further with some of the things I am doing – as well as giving me a better understanding of the healing process.”

Advance the Science &
Practice of Healing

Expanding Biofield Science

  • Conduct Rigorous Biofield Research
  • Share the Evidence with Practitioners and Researchers Globally
  • Create Rigorous Biofield Research Benchmarks

“This course is a beautiful, thoughtful, and thorough introduction to the science of healing. Importantly, it brings essential aspects of our well-being – consciousness and the biofield – to the forefront, bridging what ancient traditions have always known into modern day language, with practical applications, and the scientific evidence to support it.”

Enhanced Experienced-based Education

  • Deliver Gold-Standard Continuing Education
  • Provide experiential in-person learning
  • Highlighting Leading Scientists & Practitioners

“As a business-person bringing the ideas of better choices to leaders in organizations small and large, it is always helpful to point out where the leading edge of this work is heading. CHI demonstrates how far science is taking the concept of leadership, and how it matters in every walk of life. Jain and friends are bringing empowerment to everyone.”

Community Empowerment

  • Expand and Integrate Wisdom in Biofield Science and Healing
  • Evolve the Healing System
  • Build a Coalition through in-person and virtual events


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You can support our efforts by making a tax-deductible contribution to CHI. We are an established 501(c)(3) non-profit organization - EIN/TaxID Number: 82-3567961. Every donation dollar goes straight to CHI efforts that allow us to provide resources to you.  

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