“When we open ourselves up to a greater consciousness, where we are all connected, we begin to heal ourselves and we are healing each other.”
– Dr. Shamini Jain

Learn from CHI CEO and founder, Dr. Shamini Jain, during this YouTurn podcast about the powerful connection between our mind and body and how this connection can help foster healing by getting us back in tune with the natural healer within all of us. This natural healer within us can be fostered through the use of different practices that help us reconnect with the greater wisdom around us by surrendering ourselves to a higher consciousness than our conditioned mind.

During this podcast, Shamini discusses the following:

  • The role our central nervous system, immune system, hormones, and energy play in fostering healing
  • The data supporting the healing effects of ancient practices such as payer, meditation, and energy healing
  • How core attributes of the placebo effect (expectations (mindset), conditioning, and ritual) enhance our healing journey

Exploring the science behind consciousness-based healing

by You Learn You Turn

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