Biofield Science & Healing

Biofield Science &
Healing Online Course

Join us on a journey to the field of energy and information that guides your health – the Biofield! In this course, CHI founder and psychoneuroimmunologist Dr. Shamini Jain, shares both scientific knowlege and practical wisdom behind the Biofield. In the Science module, you’ll learn what the biofield is, why it is the crucial “missing link” between consciousness and healing, and get cutting edge, easily shareable information on the data behind biofield science (from ancient perspectives to clinical, cellular, intention, and device studies).


In the Practice module, you’ll deepen your own self-healing and spiritual evolution by learning how to feel and work with with the Vedic chakras in triads of self-awareness, transformation. and transcendence. 

The course includes:

  • Over 20 brief instructional videos 
  • Over 10 audio meditations
  • Self reflection exercises
  • Handouts
  • Peer review scientific papers

Biofield Science Special Issue

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Dynamic Infographic On Biofield Therapies

This dynamic infographic allows you to interact with the data from a recent systematic review of human randomized controlled trials reporting use of only nonphysical contact treatment.

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