“If you want to expand your consciousness and know how to heal yourself and others, read this book.”

– Deepak Chopra

Healing Ourselves

Biofield Science and the Future of Health


With Healing Ourselves, Dr. Jain presents a new vision of health care that represents the marriage of cutting-edge science with spiritual wisdom, including:

  • Biofield science―exploring evidence for the missing link between consciousness and healing
  • The future of medicine―how the next scientific evolution will unfold
  • Beginning your own health revolution―guidance for harnessing the placebo effect, holistic self-care, evidence-based spiritual practices, and much more

Today more than ever, we realize that we must change the way we think about health care―and our ability to heal ourselves. “The good news is there is a way forward,” teaches Dr. Jain. “The flame that lights the path burns brighter than the darkness of ignorance and suffering we have found ourselves in.” With Healing Ourselves, this inspiring teacher shares a whole, integrated model of health that we have known in our hearts, all along, to be true.

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