Racism, Trauma & Health

Healing Our Nation:

Addressing Systemic Trauma with Communities of Color


“Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic. Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against love.”
― Martin Luther King, Jr.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
― Buckminster Fuller


The time has come to speak out. The recent senseless deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd have been devastating for this nation. We are witnessing a rising tide of global awareness, in which America’s history of racial injustice collides with a massive public-health crisis in minority communities that was previously kept out of sight. While this crisis has been apparent for decades to some medical professionals, society has not adequately addressed an ongoing public-health emergency rooted in racial inequity and racially motivated violence, while widespread grievances go unanswered.

We speak out now as organizational leaders, scholars, and educators working in integrative and mental health. We are fervently opposed to the ways that racism has impacted not just society at large but also our own fields of study and practice, impeding our mission to bring a healthy life to every level of society. We recognize that racism is a global issue as well. There is an urgent need for dialogue and understanding in every community, because the current emergency is inescapable. We cannot continue to look the other way. Once the hold of racism in our organizations and communities is released, only then can everyone look forward to eradicating systemic racism and its unhealthy, divisive effects. 

Join the Healing (R)evolution

Systemic Racism, Trauma and Health Inequities

The US has a long and deep history of racism, which is reflected in ongoing health inequities across communities of color, including the African-American community, the indigenous community and the Latinx community. Disparities in health across these communities of color are vast, well documented and have been described as a result of structural racism. Structural racism is a system that promotes ongoing discrimination and disadvantage through perpetual inequities in housing, education, employment, earnings, benefits, credit, media, health care, and criminal justice sectors. These inequities mutually reinforce each other, creating a system of oppression that drives poor mental and physical health for communities of color. This system of oppression affects the health of African-American, including significantly increasing the risk of death from childbirth, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and homicide

Structural racism can be viewed as a chronic social and economic disease. For individuals, a flare-up of a disease process is often a crisis that can be viewed as an opportunity for healing. For societies the process is similar. The difference is that instead of focusing on personal issues and lifestyle changes, in order to treat a social disease, societies must focus on economic and policy changes along with changes in heart and mind. While recommending all needed specific economic and social policies is beyond the scope of this letter, consensus frameworks and policy platforms are emerging with growing constituencies aligning on actions across sectors and perspectives. We urge our governmental leaders to dive into these platforms and boldly create and adopt legislation that fosters swift actions needed to close the gap on systemic racism and its perpetuation of health disparities.

Structural racism creates current and intergenerational trauma for people of color. It also weighs heavily on the collective psyche of the nation. The frequent pattern of brutal physical attacks and general lack of regard for the well-being of black and brown citizens by those who are meant to serve and protect, creates persistent, significant trauma and poor health outcomes for adults and children of color all over the nation.

Trauma is also systemic. It does not simply exist in a person’s mind: trauma affects our bodies, our relationships, and our societies. Studies show that trauma affects our and our children’s physical health – through shifts in our immune, cardiovascular, and brain functioning. Research shows that children living in environments fostering  social deprivation, disconnection, and dangerousness even show alterations to epigenetic signaling pathways that drive inflammatory responses and therefore create a “DNA imprint” of poor health outcomes at an early age. Historical trauma drives health disparities through psychological, physiological, and social pathways. The trauma that we enable due to our own and our nation’s inabilities to deal effectively with systemic racism is literally killing us and our future generations. The global effects of shock, outrage and protest from the results of racial violence are symptoms of a social disease that must be healed. 

Like all living systems, when one part of the system is disrupted it has far- reaching effects throughout the system. Just like in medicine, attempts to suppress symptoms without getting to root causes does not work and often creates more significant long-term problems. The current social and political unrest we are experiencing is one example. History has shown that attempts to suppress this current crisis with force would be a grave mistake. We call upon our leaders to take a systems-based, integrative view and embrace this current crisis as an opportunity for healing our nation.

Targeted Systemic Solutions: Restorative Justice and Skills Training

We applaud the law enforcement officers in states throughout the nation who have intuitively understood the power of restorative justice during these protests. For those officers who took a knee, extended apologies and embraced protestors in our communities, and expressed their grief at ongoing protest events, thank you for contributing to the non-violent healing that is absolutely vital for our nation at this time. Principles of restorative justice, which stem from indigenous cultures and faith traditions, are based in the understanding that human beings and societies are not separate from each other – to the contrary, we are fundamentally, consciously connected. Restorative justice practices are systems-based approaches for healing, which emphasize: 1) inclusion and invited dialogue with persons and communities who have been harmed, 2) accountability and clear reparations by those who have harmed an individual and their community, 3) reintegration and relationship repair, and 4) vows and actions to prevent further harms to the affected persons and communities. 

Restorative justice practices help heal individual and collective trauma, which will help heal our fractured nation. Guidelines for healing US racial inequities through restorative justice principles have previously been described by experts in the field and thus will not be repeated here. We call upon governmental officials to forward the principles of restorative justice, instead of instigating the ongoing perpetuation of violence, to aid in the healing of our nation.    

Let’s look at law enforcement as one example of a systemic approach to solving structural racism. Police officers work within a system. The system must support officers with 1) a culture that does not tolerate or perpetuate structural racism and 2) training in skills that help to dismantle existing racism.  Given all of the difficult and stressful jobs required of them, it is not enough to arm police officers with guns – they must be armed with advanced skills in emotional intelligence and effective negotiation. Furthermore, it would be incredibly inefficient and inconsistent to have 18,000 police departments each attempting to create their own programs for addressing structural racism and related problems. The federal government should create and fund standards and programs in the areas of 1) effective communication 2) nonviolent peacekeeping action 3) conflict de-escalation and resolution 4) negotiation strategies, 5) unconscious bias and 6) racial inequities and racial injustice and 7) stress management and burnout prevention – examples include mindfulness training and other mind-body skill training.  

Perhaps the most challenging element is the need for honest discussion among all citizens on how to acknowledge history without repeating it. There must be a mutual understanding of rights that are shared by all citizens – all humans. This type of discussion can be facilitated in each of our organizations, in schools, in corporate environments and in other gatherings where people may currently be reluctant to build a bridge of understanding for fear of retaliation, rejection or ostracization. After the urgency of “we stand with you,” perhaps “we stand together” can become a part of the new normal that is emerging at this time.  Ultimately, an admission of a problem is not an admission of guilt. Those who have not shared the African-American experience cannot possibly understand the overwhelming burden that has finally erupted. The response should not be to pretend there is no problem, or to suggest the problem can be resolved by ‘getting over it.’ A willingness to listen to those who have experienced this systemic racism and a commitment to make personal and meaningful adjustments in support of change will make a significant difference. To do nothing will only prolong the pain and trauma.

Resilience Recommendations for Everyone

This is an incredibly challenging time for all of us. For those who feel significantly impacted by the current traumatic experiences in our nation and world, we offer these evidence-based and common-sense suggestions to foster emotional and mental resilience as well as growth:

1. Allow your grief and anger to release itself. Grief and anger are natural reactions to the current situation. While you do not want to be consumed by your emotions, you also don’t want to hold them in, as that will not help your mental or physical health. Give yourself the time and space to process your emotions in a way that does not cause physical harm to yourself and others. Witness your emotions as they ebb and flow, focus on your breath, and remember that you are more than any emotional experience you are having. As you get comfortable with the ebb and flow of your grief and anger, you will feel less of a hostage to the current societal situation, and become more aware of what additional information your emotions may be providing to you as they flow through you.

2. Seek out support. If you are having thoughts or impulses of harming yourself or someone else, please talk to someone you feel close to who can listen and support you. In addition, you can call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800- 273-8255. Please know you are never alone.  We are in this together. Being in loving community is the way we will get through this incredibly challenging time – so remember to spend time with someone you love and trust every day – whether a friend, a family member, or a pet – and whether by phone, videoconference or in person. If you are religious or spiritual, connect with God/your Higher Guidance every day.

3. Take action. What may seem like the smallest action can make a big difference when we all take non-violent action together. Whether you choose to peacefully protest, donate to organizations who help eradicate systemic racism, or call your congresspeople to urge for racial justice, every action you take towards ending racial injustice is a step toward healing for yourself and our nation. The article Actionable Steps for Therapists (And All Human Beings) In Response to the Racial Pandemic offers many additional steps people can take.

4. Take a break. It’s ok to go “off-line” for a while to regain your sanity. Spend some time every day doing something you love, that heals you, so that you are more resilient to the challenges that may lie ahead. That will help you be of better service to others.

5. Listen to those communities that have been directly harmed, and recognize where you hold privilege. If you are not African-American, even if you are a person of color or part of a socially disadvantaged group, this is a time  to listen and learn from your African-American brothers and sisters, what it feels like to be in their shoes. This is also a time to acknowledge the ways many of us have privilege that we may have not even recognized – whether by gender, race, class or other means. If you have trouble listening because you feel the need to defend yourself or share the ways you are disadvantaged, remember that the purpose of listening is not to make you feel guilty or ashamed. The point is for you to listen to those who have been harmed and hold necessary space for healing during this very tender and transformative time. 

Current events leave us no choice but to embrace the call for healing our nation. We must open our collective eyes to truly recognize and repair our broken systems that are based on racism, oppression and the false thinking that perpetuates it – that is, thinking of the “other” as separate from us. With this wisdom, we can move forward as a nation that truly stands for and upholds our self-evident truths and unalienable rights: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. The health and well-being of our nation depends on it.

Signed (in contributory and chronological order):

  • Shamini Jain, Ph.D. – Founder and CEO, Consciousness and Healing Initiative; Assistant Professor, University of California San Diego
  • Robert Schwarz, PsyD, DCEP – Executive Director, Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP)
  • Deepak Chopra, MD, F.A.C.P – Founder, the Chopra Foundation; Clinical Professor, University of California San Diego
  • Rev. Dr. Wayne C. Hopkins – Pastor, First Timothy Missionary Baptist Church
  • Julia Mossbridge, Ph.D. – Executive Director, The Institute for Love and Time
  • Tabatha Parker, ND – Executive Director, Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine (AIHM)
  • Carmen Pulido, Ph.D. – Director Mind Health Psychology; Core Faculty, Fielding Graduate University; Assistant Clinical Professor, University ofTexas Medical Branch
  • Tyler Norris, MDiv – CEO, Well Being Trust
  • Susan Bauer-Wu, Ph.D. RN, FAAN – President, Mind & Life Institute
  • Rauni King, RN, MIH, BSN, CHTP/I, HNB-BC – Co-Founder, Miraglo Foundation; Executive Director, Guarneri Integrative Health, Inc.
  • Mimi Guarneri, MD, FACC, ABOIM – Co-Founder, Miraglo Foundation; Founding President, Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine; Clinical Associate Professor, University of California, San Diego
  • Jeffrey C. Walker – Chairman, New Profit Vice Chair, United Nations Envoy’s Office for Health Finance and Malaria
  • Cassandra Vieten, Ph.D. – Executive Director, John W. Brick Foundation for Mental Health
  • Donna Eden – Founder, Eden Energy Medicine
  • David Feinstein, Ph.D. – CEO, Innersource
  • Lisa Gordon – Owner and CEO, Healing Touch Program Founder, Energy Medicine Professional Association
  • Amelia Vogler, MS, HTCP/I – Executive Director, Healing Touch Professional Association
  • David Muehsam, Ph.D. – Co-Director of Research and Innovation, Consciousness and Healing Initiative
  • Lissa Rankin, MD – Founder, Whole Health Medicine Institute
  • Len Wisneski, MD, F.A.C.P. – Clinical Professor of Medicine, George Washington University Medical Center; Chair Emeritus, Integrative Health Policy Consortium
  • Barbara Dossey, Ph.D., RN, FAAN – International Co-Director, Nightingale Initiative for Global Health
 Co-Director, International Nurse Coach Association
  • Larry Dossey, MD – Executive Editor, EXPLORE
  • Kelly A. Turner, Ph.D. – Founder, Radical Remission Project
  • Richard Hammerschlag, Ph.D. – Co-Director of Research and Innovation, Consciousness and Healing Initiative; Dean Emeritus of Research, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine
  • Stephen Dinan, MA – CEO, The Shift Network
  • Shoshana Garfield, Ph.D. – Co-Chair Emotional Freedom Techniques International Advisory Board of MISSING (anti-slavery nonprofit)
  • Ronit Herzfeld, MSW – Founder and CEO, Leap Forward
  • Azim Khamisa – Founder, Tariq Khamisa Foundation
  • Tasreen Khamisa – Executive Director, Tariq Khamisa Foundation
  • Poonacha Machaiah – Co-Founder, NeverAlone, Chopra Foundation
  • Rollin McCraty – Research Director, heartMath Institute
  • Jude Currivan, Ph.D. – Cosmologist, Healer, Author
  • David Germano – Executive Director, UVA Contemplative Science Center
  • Joseph Goldstein – Co-Founder, Insight Meditation Society
  • Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. – Biologist and Pioneer in Epigenetics
  • Eva Patel – Board Member – Consciousness and Healing Initiative Entrepreneur
  • Sharon Salzberg – Co-Founder, Insight Meditation Society
  • Charlie Hartwell – Partner, BridgeBuilders Collaborative
  • Jack Kornfield PhD – Founder Spirit Rock Center
  • Claire Lachance, MBA – CEO, Institute of Noetic Sciences
  • Maureen Pelton, MSSW, LICSW – Partner, BridgeBuilders Collaborative
  • Jan Phillips, M.A. – Founder, Livingkindness Foundation
  • Stephen W. Porges, Ph.D. – Distinguished University Scientist Founding Director, Traumatic Stress Research Consortium Kinsey Institute, Indiana University
  • Tim Ryan, OH-13 Representative, United States Congress; Co-Chairman, Military Mental Health Task Force
  • Josue Sejour – Founder & CEO, Global Conscious Media (GCM)
  • Rudoloph Tanzi, Ph.D. – Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy, Professor of Neurology Harvard Medical School, Vice-Chair of Neurology; Director, Genetics and Aging Research Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Dianne McKay – Volunteer/Past Board Member, Tariq Khamisa Foundation
  • Kenneth McKay – Volunteer, Tariq Khamisa Foundation
  • John Weeks – Editor-in Chief, JACM-Paradigm, Practice and Policy: Advancing Integrative Health; Publisher, The Integrator Blog
  • Ruth Westreich – President, The Westreich Foundation
  • Raghu Kiran Appasani, MD – Founder & CEO, The MINDS Foundation
  • Judson Brewer MD PhD – Director of Research and Innovation, Brown University Mindfulness Center
  • Sheryl Ronshausen Gray – Social Psychology Doctoral Student, Walden University
  • Joel G. Anderson, PhD – CHTP, FGSA, President, Healing Beyond Borders
  • Lisa Anselme RN, BLS, HN-BC, CHTP/I – Executive Director, Healing Beyond Borders

In this letter we invite every person of conscience to join in a  dialogue that extends broadly to governmental leaders and healthcare providers, discussing the links between racism, trauma, and health inequity. There are bridges to be built in areas like police training and mending relationships with communities of color. In that regard, we offer some practical guidelines for fostering resilience and non-violent action beginning now. 

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  1. Egalitarian models are provided in “Resist: Goals and Tactics for Changemakers” and deep aspects of healing discussed in “Mysteries of Healing: Dialogues with Doctors and Scientists.”
    On a practical tactical level, support get out the vote efforts.

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  3. The Public Health Emergency is well brought out and needs to be addressed. The grief, guilt, frustration that is forced on the public by racist murder does not have a communal healing place except perhaps organized religion which often wounds rather than heals.

  4. “In the invisible world, the only thing that matters is integrity.” Buckminster Fuller Breathe deeply and keep your biofield clear.

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  26. We need to start making America work for everyone. An America where everyone is on a level playing field no matter your race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. A nation where we respect and love one another regardless of our differences. A nation where we appreciate each other for what we have in common. Love.

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  35. Leaders must lead the change to end systemic injustice. The community at large must buy-in to push leaders to make it a priority. There is something EVERYONE can do.

  36. In tandem with racism, bullying, abuse of power, and violence toward each other, Complex PTSD needs to be learned about, understood, and PREVENTED as it is a newly recognized disorder that will be found out to be at the very basis of many of the problems in our society as so many are suffering with this undiagnosed or misdiagnosed and are floundering without proper knowledgeable care by mental health providers. CHANGE in our current archaic misogynistic patriarchal system will be what is NEEDED to PREVENT this disorder to allow children to grow up mentally healthy and more able to be part of the solution to the problems that exist. It will take love and nurturing, not violence against sufferers to address their issues and consequently many issues such as violence, unrest, racism, etc. Address C-PTSD, and our society will be healthier with children having the opportunity to live to their full potential and not wind up among the addicts, homeless, jobless, vagrants but among the brightest problem solvers! Of course, in the solution, changes need to address the existing corruption within our government and law and order agencies. MUCH CHANGE IS NECESSARY and #TimesUp!

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  51. It is imperative that people be Survivors. Recovery is important and necessary chapter. No person should stay stagnant in trauma, everyone should have an opportunity to move into a recovery phase and take recovery classes or recovery steps and be able to call them self a trauma survivor is absolutely important step and key.

  52. Intergenerational trauma is real!

    In the words of the late Margaret Mead…”Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”

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    Alternative Holistic Whole Plant Educator.

    We can not learn without listening.

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  60. Healing will only happen when those with privilege are able to move beyond their shame and acknowledge the deep hurt that has been caused to those without it, whether intentionally or unintentionally. The time for defending, or denying past injustices is over!

  61. Let us build a new world, based on respect for all life. A new world where we humans do no longer consider us exceptional or superior to other people or other forms of life. Let us completely rebuild the system, with basic income and health care for every one, with respect and room for all of creation, living and enjoying the miracle of complete biodiversity

  62. I am joining. All these crisis that are showing up: on a personal, national and universal level are our best chances to start or continue kur – the global healing process. They show more than ever that the illusion of separatedeness brings a lack of self-love and unables us to love and just live love in an unconditionnal way. Humanity as a whole has its traumatic memories to transmute. So lets do it.
    We are one!
    With love from Switzerland

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  66. This world needs helping and healing. I am re-educating myself so I can educate my children. As a hypnobirthing instructor and baby massage instructor, a self-love advocate and a supporter of all Mothers, babies and families, I am stepping up and doing my best to make a difference with the platform I have. Be that change you wish to see in the world.

  67. Your organization CHI seems quite interesting and much needed for the work in our Mother Earth.
    Thank you again for sharing Deepak Chopra !( re: video on healing of multigenerational trauma.)
    I agree with you Deepak that trauma in the past can influence present, and future.Experiential healing, increasing awareness, visualization of the unity future is essential. The continuum of past, present, and future and acceptance , tolerance, awareness of the totality of each individual, family, and society so as to bring a total healing, transformation, and higher level of consciousness at all levels of our existence whether it be our conception/perception of our past, present, and future . As an example of current experience, past experience, and visualization of the future for instance :
    What it means to be a better person is not the same for everyone.
    One thing is clear, is that there can be bias in each one of us, and some of it translates into racism. If we become aware of those biases, it can be a start of change. Unfortunately , not everyone is capable to get to the point of recognizing their own bias due to multiple reasons, nor able to make a decision to not demonize it, but to have the strength of owning it, and hearing each other’s biases , and not use scapegoating that has been done towards all kinds of different groups and create the cycles of hatred, and violence.
    Once we create an us versus them mentality, and that is done either unconsciously or consciously, it is difficult to transform our society to a high level of respect for human life.
    I do not pretend that I have all the answers to create that solution but I do have a voice. I do feel I am here to provide inspiration, and hope that things can get changed for the better …one step at a time.
    What I hope for all humans is a minimum health, food, water, shelter, appropriate education , job opportunities ,and possibility for growth , a system of checks and balances at all levels of our system, a sense of safety, well being , physical as well as mental, protection of our 1st amendment rights, a minimum of LEGAL AND EQUAL RIGHTS, and APPROPRIATE and DYNAMIC(as opposed to static) federal, state, local governing, police support to PROTECT LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, AND JUSTICE , FOR ALL , are all a beginning.
    As for education: it is also very intricately connected with the whole system we are living in. There is a definite big need for improving our current system, such as considering : having a none judgmental racism and bias educator or similar, in small groups, as a required class, a monthly none judgmental racism, and bias educator class in small groups for the caretakers, a required class for all government officials, and all future officials. I am sure there are experts out there that have many better ideas than me, and I am humbled, quite grateful, and inspired that they are dealing with these issues, and bringing about change no matter how big or small it is.
    Examples of these could be appropriate jury choosing so that all different groups whether it be from the defendants side, or the prosecution sides, would be satisfied or at least at peace with the final decision, and court proceedings in a location that all groups involved whether it be a defendant, or the prosecutor would be content in the final court ruling or at least at peace with it.
    Rodney King said something like this in 1992: we can all get along, …let’s all get along , when he pleaded for the violence to stop….
    A person who lost someone, or their business said something like this : it’s not fair…it’s not fair.
    Eye for an eye, hate begets hate, violence brings on more violence, fear can bring violence, poverty can bring violence, No shelter, food, or water can bring violence…etc..
    When the power of love becomes greater than the love of power maybe then we will have such contentment, and delight that we will never go back to the unfruitful cycles.
    Thanks to all for reading this, and sending love to all my fellow humans!
    Claudio Laniado
    Producer of Tango Shalom
    Convivencia Forever Films

  68. Every single person on our planet is responsible to every other human being. We will understand our reason for being on this particular planet, in this particular galaxy once we have learned that the answer to everything is unconditional love.

  69. Do what thou will and harm none. One planet under a groove. Change for the betterment of all . Love is All.

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  71. All lives matter regardless of colour.
    The past cannot be undone, they are just bricks we drag along with us, weighing us down with guilt and fear
    The past should not be erased but remembered with humility
    To remind us what not cannot be allowed to happen again
    We can only move forward
    We each have our creeds and our cultures
    Yours is as important as mine
    But we all belong to just one world
    This beautiful world needs all of us to work to protect it
    To live and love together
    For without it we are all lost

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  78. I wholeheartedly agree with the ideas put forth in this letter. I will do my part
    In joining with others to speak out on the need for true equality, living in peace with one another, healing systemic trauma along with the practice of restorative justice! May all be healed with Compassion , Love, Humility and Grace?

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    Reverence for all life… This we must again remember
    for we seem to have forgotten.

    Let us not buy into illusion anymore. These systems are not holding us in their grip of power. No longer!
    Power to the people! To all the people who remember.

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  82. Kevin Hays, MA, LPC
    Hays Counseling Services

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  84. When we work to heal ourselves as individuals-physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually-we help to heal the collective. Now is the time.

  85. Shamanic Healing Practitioner
    Healing Touch Certified Practitioner

    When we work to heal ourselves as individuals-physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually-we help to heal the collective. Now is the time.

  86. Student Librarian

  87. Honored to put my name and wholehearted support here along with my esteemed trauma informed mental health colleagues.

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    All my relations

  95. Acknowledge history without repeating it. Peace through love is the only solution

  96. LMHC, Child Therapist, Child Mental Health Specialist,

  97. We are the creators of our “personal reality and system”. There is no one else here. Own whatever it is you see. The beauty of individual freedoms and rights in America is that we can change anything we want any time we want. I/we just have to be personally and politically active and be sure that whatever it is that we see “could be better” then actually is made better by owning the responsibility to have my loving, compassionate action happen.

  98. Under our skin color we are all beings. Our constant source of being does not know prejudice in ANY FORM. Our birth and our family determine the prejudice in a child who grows up this way. It’s time for a change. Everyone is equal, all beings are equal, no one is better than any other. It’s time for the reflection of love you give to all beings in our world begins eternally.

  99. It is through love that the spirit soars and the world is no different from the individual. As the whispering dog truth Echoe out may grace and unity follow.

  100. Love sees no colour or prejudice. Let’s come together to make the changes that will determine a better and more equal future for people from all cultures and ethnicities. One world, one love. ??

  101. Safe, seen, and special for all

  102. Well said. Love heals all and unity creates community.

  103. all we are saying is give peace a chance

  104. Let us all love one another , we all bleed red .??

  105. LPC, Opening Choices
    We are all energetic beings. May we support each one expressing their highest potential

  106. Love, healing and equality for all <3

  107. Prejudice is a taught behavior, we are not born with it. Look deep to find biases you weren’t even conscious of within yourselves. You may be very surprised. But then you can change your thinking and behavior, and ultimately change the cycle. One person’s kindness and understanding will change the world!

  108. We are all in this together! Love to all!

  109. I am honored to join in this great efforts. Together, we can dream a more conscious, kind, just and sustainable world view!

  110. If only Donald Trump was receiving a copy and was forced to read it… But it’s more than 140 characters!! Seriously, it is an amazing text!

  111. We are all one! Let’s love one another.

  112. “My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.” —Desmond Tutu

  113. “Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against love.”

    – Martin Luther King Jr. ??

  114. Bless us all ???????????

  115. At this transformative moment I would like to support this work in the confident hope that it is now possible for the power of love to become greater than the love we have for power and control. With the advent of deeper mindfulness humanity has at least a chance of holding back the nightmare of climate catastrophe

  116. The momentum to heal the nation and its people must not be compromised but instead fostered to bring about revolutionary change. Systemic justic to address systemic racism and trauma. I am in full support which is why I signed this.

  117. D.C., Carlsbad Integrative Medical Center, Resonate Wellness, Evolving Consciousness Culture.

  118. Mindfulness Teacher and Yoga Teacher, trainee Psychotherapist.
    Great article, thank you! I feel we are finally on a path to an egalitarian society. We need to listen actively to each other to try and understand, to speak up and be anti-racist. To keep questioning ourselves about our hidden prejudices or biases and to acknowledge white privileges/supremacy. Lots of Love

  119. Yes! Healing the world starts with ourselves. Every step counts!!

  120. We rise and we fall on the shoulders of our ancestors, through transgenerational responses to crisis, from trauma to healing. Through wellness practices and collective awareness, we are learning to clear the trauma, embrace the growth, and pave a new way forward for our descendants. It starts with me, for I can only go as far out into the world as I have ventured inside myself.

  121. We stand united in our desire for wholistic health and balance in our bodies, in our hearts, in our social systems, standing united for eradication of Poverty, prejudice and injustice.

  122. Jenni Linder, LICSW

  123. Impermanence – nothing stays the same or static. This global pain invites us to embrace changing our mindsets and views on humanity!

  124. Hatred can never cease by hatred.
    Hatred can only cease by love.
    This is the eternal law.
    ~ The Buddha

  125. Retired Massage Therapist, Sound Healer, and Celebrant.
    When will we learn?

  126. Small business owner in Northern New Mexico
    Diversity is the spice of life. Being in the minority in Northern New Mexico has been a humbling and wonderful experience for which I am grateful.

  127. Faith is even stronger than love, we must find faith in humanity despite what the optics currently may be. Then the kind of power and love Martin Luther King Jr becomes truly possible.

  128. We need all of us. We are a beautiful and complex world of different traditions and all are important and share space.

  129. Voices are needed from every sphere. For too long integrative medicine has been available to the upper middle and upper classes. Which then means its out of reach for many people of color. We must’ve universal in our approach. We are one family on the planet.

  130. We are experiencing a gift. It is an opportunity to finally make the choice to hear each other. We can make this a transformative time for our country and our world. We need each other. Together, we can.

  131. I agree! Great article and great way to bring about much needed change.

  132. There is only one consciousness. In human beeing it recognized itself.

  133. I commit to redefining myself first as a human being, to live consciously and recognise the impact of all my actions.

  134. Thank you for acknowledging the traumatic affects/effects of racism in black, brown and native communities. We must continue to act on these truths, to stand firm and not close our eyes to the glaring inequities all around us. The time for change is now!

  135. Thank you!

  136. Powerful words/ powerful voices/ powerful movement. Thank you.

  137. Ultimately it is left to us to make the change, or let injustice continue to rule our societies.

  138. Thank you. Very well written and poignant. Much appreciated.

    B.S. Anthropology College of Charleston, South Carolina

    Colorado licensed and P.T.C.B. certified Pharmacy Technician

    Wondrously Genetically Diverse

  139. This is a Movement like no other.
    I do feel that significant changes are going to happen and laws will be upheld. This just feels different.
    Thank you for this platform.

  140. I stand for the change and I kneel in gratitude to accept the grace and forgiveness that I will give to others.

  141. Listening, learning and taking action.

  142. It will take a long time to heal the intergenerational trauma, and we must keep going. There can be no turning back. Starting with Black Lives Matter and the history of slavery. Also do not forget Native lives that have been deeply traumatized from the beginning of Western colonization. And all the many other disenfranchised groups. We need an evolution of consciousness, we need to move beyond “extractive value” thinking and create a regenerative economy based on caring for each other, recognizing our interdependence.

  143. Together we can do this.

  144. Thank you for leading with the perfect quote from Martin Luther King.
    All the uprising shows clearly how the old systems are out of step with the will and hearts of the people. Let’s keep our eyes and actions on this and not let it slide out of mind. This is a long term project that can take a huge step forward, now.

  145. “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself… Rumi”

    It takes a community to raise a child. United we stand, divided we fall. We Are One!

    Donna Silker, Peosta, Iowa
    Preschool Teacher and Child Advocate

  146. It’s time we do this.

  147. Proud of progress, and our united desire for better.

  148. Ir it time that our humanity behave like humans with heart and soul not like animals.

  149. Thank you so much.

  150. May this wake-up call result in real and lasting change!

  151. Thank you for this comprehensive, collective guideline and effort ?

  152. Wholistic approach to address is the way to go!

    Change and Action!

    Reiki Practitioner
    Energy Healing

  153. Thank you. We must continue to move forward.

    San Diego Cancer Research Institute
    Integrative Program Coordinator

    Reiki Master/Teacher

  154. We have had two worldwide events to focus the media on the trauma suffered by people of color. As a human race, we must finally face the systemic white supremacy mentality and the effects of epigenetic trauma it has caused. COVID-19 illuminated the public health disparities. The criminal events and resultant ongoing protests – happening around the globe – remind us daily of the systemic injustices.

  155. How can we consider ourselves an ‘volved species, and yet continue to behave so ignorantly and atrociously towards each other? I believe that chang is coming–I insist on believing in Humanity!

  156. In these times of COVID-19 a large number of people are suffering from acute depression, trauma and anxiety.This coming International Yoga Day on June 21,2020 we should start practicing Mind Yoga or Meditation to overcome this trauma, depression or anxiety.Meditation is the best therapy for that.Several scientific tests by Maharishi International have validated this.

  157. Yes, yes, yes. it is time.

  158. Stop talking. Just acting. Action for humanity, equality, and fraternity. The most important is to act with intelligence first of all intelligence if the heart!
    Are we intelligent enough?

  159. Thank you.

  160. Thank you for sharing this with us all…Thank You.

  161. Thank you. I agree this is awfully long and it may not be read to the end. In my work, ancestral trauma and current triggers have been the forefront of my client sessions. I invite you to look into Court of Atonement spiritual intervention to enhance your work in all areas of conflict in an effective and non invasive technique. It is non denominational and can be used by anyone and everyone. courtofatonement. com
    Ideally, if we all use the court of atonement with these global issues, we can bring peace to all.

  162. This is a powerful document. I solidly support.

  163. Thank you. With commitment and collective action, we can move closer to justice and equality for all.

  164. “Nothing can dim the light that shines from within”
    Maya Angelou
    Thank you for helping to bring the light

  165. United we stand.

    Semi-retired social worker

  166. ❤️

  167. Look for the image of God in the eyes of every person all the time.

  168. May all be well; in the manner of all time and things, may all be well.

  169. It’s time for a new paradigm of love and acceptance, for it is through equality that we stand United as One

  170. Keep moving forward

  171. Amen.

  172. Susi Vine, CMT, Holistic Health Practitioner, Stress Resolution Coach

  173. We need to confess, to forgive & to move forward, Hand in Hand to create a new reality, full in Grace & Love ❤️

  174. Let us concentrate on being kind whenever we have an opportunity to do so…..it counters cruelty and disregard everywhere.

  175. Let us all open our eyes, ears and hearts to this necessary healing. May we also find the strength to tolerate the discomfort to see what we need to see, hear what we need to hear and do what needs to be done to heal and view us all as one species; which we are…..the human species!!!

  176. May we all “wake up” and co-create a new world. Join us at NineGates.org to boost your social immunity and learn ways to share your love and light.

    Karen Lytle
    Wellness Advocate and volunteer

  177. thank you

  178. Time to stop the illusion of separation and to overcome our conditioning.

    Love created us. Love brings us together. Insight and fearless change will unite us.

  179. ?

  180. We are one.

  181. Thank you

  182. We are all One. Today we embrace the opportunity to live our lives, as individuals and as a nation, united, with liberty and justice– as well as equality, compassion, love, respect, repair and healing for all.

    In addition, we must take this moment of opportunity, or national awareness and transformation, to acknowledge and make amends to all who have suffered from the lack thereof, in our nation’s past and recent days. Love, made practical, shall overcome.

  183. Together we must and can create a better world for all life.

  184. Absolutely! Working to build just, equitable, compassionate, inclusive, sustainable communities, where all citizens are treated with dignity.

  185. We must work together.

  186. We definitely need to come together to heal the nation

  187. Reiki Master Teacher and Artist/Public School Arts Educator

    Heed your calling, activate and live radical compassion and love to heal all beings and the planet at this time for 7 generations to come. “Nobody’s free until everybody’s free.”-Fannie Lou Hamer

  188. I want to be together in this crisis and support One Mind.

  189. Thank you

  190. Yes the time has more than come to speak out

  191. This is a wonderful statement. I am on board 100% . As a health care provider I see enormous inequities related to access and care for people of color and those that do not have the resources – health insurance, time, etc. People of color have the worse statistics for many chronic stress related illnesses. It is horrible what happened to Gorge Floyd, this should never happen especially in the US, I’m deeply shamed but also motivated to do what I can to prevent this from happening.

  192. Let us see this moment as a portal into a new time. The passage through is essential and can only happen together. A time of healing, reconciliation and transformative change is the ticket needed for our collective safe passage. We can do it only if we all do it together…with no one left behind. “I am another you, you are another me.”

  193. Let us see this moment as a portal into a new time. The passage through is essential and can only happen together. A time of healing, reconciliation and transformative change is the ticket needed for our collective safe passage. We can do it only if we all do it together…with no one left behind. “I am another you, you are another me.”

  194. “We urge our governmental leaders…”

    Since the private corporate/business/economic sector seems to now hold enormous power over every aspect of this society, it might be appropriate to extend this invitation to action to, not only the government, but also to the private economic sector, to religious leaders, to all others sectors of our society, etc.

    (Just a humble suggestion. Maybe somebody else can explain it better.)

  195. Thank you.

  196. Love and peace are not exclusive , they are available for all to heal. Now is the time to be brave and speak out, stand up and take action for change is possible when we rise up.
    Thank you all for bringing us together.
    We have the power to change barbaric behaviors by holding each other responsible . No more excuses.

  197. This work of having these difficult conversations about race is critical for the healing of our nation and for the spiritual evolution of ourselves as individuals and the evolution of our world’s consciousness. In the Pomona Valley of California retired religious leaders at Pilgrim Place have been having conversations about race with local NAACP and the National Council of Negro Women members for three years. Now they are opening these conversations to more people.
    Our Compassionate Pomona group has begun conversations with our Police under the leadership of Renee Barbee of our local paper, La Nueva Voz.

  198. Many thanks for promoting a very timely initiative and long overdue movement

  199. Thank you with so much gratitude for writing this letter and bringing so many courageous leaders in the emerging fields of energy and consciousness together with one voice. The content is powerful and the only way forward. I pray that these challenging times mark the real beginning of a new phase that gains momentum exponentially. There really is no other way if we wish to evolve for the good of all in our collective journey in this world.

  200. As afro-latina medical doctor in Puerto Rico, working in a medical school is very evident the need to train the healing community around anti-racism and issues of colonialism that self evident in medicine nd the healing arts. I welcome any efforts towards these goals.

  201. Thank you Dr. Jain and others for helping to raise our level of consciousness to embody peace & love.

  202. “Calm: How to Thrive in Challenging Times” and “Calm Parents and Children: A Guidebook” provide practical daily actions to stay centered.

  203. This letter is an excellent basis for exploring the topic of structural racism in depth. It is rich with ideas that will stimulate discussion and provoke thoughts about more avenues to explore to facilitate change. I would like to suggest we also look at bringing age-appropriate activities into the mix to begin educating children from the earliest ages and engaging them in activities that promote understanding and empathy. Thank you for all of the thought and hard work that went into this letter.

  204. As I read through this statement, I felt a connection with the biofield of the universe flowing around and through me. My felt sense responded differently to each section as if attuned with author’s felt sense of intention. The flow of words is not a rush. It is a steadiness of direction, a way of knowing the way through stone. Oh, here’s what asks to be spoken: My skin body feels and sees our pulsating breathing biofield which makes my reading experience alive as it inhales, exhales, receives, interprets, gives, and shines brightly. This path of conscious connection.

  205. Appreciate and support these words and intentions.

  206. MD (family medicine, integrative medicine)


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