How do we talk about healing practices and better communicate to help make these practices more widely accessible?

Where some practitioners have shared they do not feel comfortable discussing the spiritual aspects of their work publicly or with healthcare stakeholders, for fear of being considered even more “woo” or causing some other problem. 

A communication plan certainly warrants further discussion among the community as we explore and strategize how to best make these practices accessible to all without losing the essence or the origins of healing practices. Let’s hope we can find solutions that allow everyone to freely practice their healing art in integrity with the traditions while still democratizing healing and honoring the essence of the practices, no matter their origin.

The reluctance often comes from feeling we have to have definitive answers, whereas our work can be very nuanced and subjective. 

Would a better educated public make healing practices more broadly accepted?

CHI collaborator and Reiki Master, Pamela Miles, recently spoke to Forbes magazine and offered tips on how to better communicate to override people’s misgivings and misinformation.

Pamela notes, “Reiki Practice can be challenging to talk about, for many reasons. The public often has preconceived ideas, some of which are negative. In this Forbes article, I give tips how to communicate to override people’s misgivings and misinformation.”

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Dr. James Gordon

International Reiki Master Pamela Miles has collaborated on Reiki projects with prominent academic medical centers including Yale, Harvard and the National Institutes of Health and knows all too well how hard it is to run a business within a misunderstood industry. “The public is confused about what Reiki practice actually is because the term itself is unregulated. But Reiki practice is effective and can help even when nothing else can.”

Additionally, Pamela is the author of the award-winning book REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide (Tarcher/Penguin) and numerous popular articles. As a leading spokesperson for Reiki in the media, my work has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, CBS, NBC, The Atlantic, New York Magazine, US News and World Report, The Daily Beast, Refinery29, and Allure magazine.


Would communication training be useful for healing practitioners? Please share your experiences and reflections in the comment box below!

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